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KTM Duke 390 - Ownership Reviews and Experiences

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  • Originally posted by zestbiker View Post
    N post rebuild no warranty,gaurantee of the rebuild which means your 55k reinvestment carries a substantial risk -so when my D390 "Blor Betty"s engine started smoking at 24k kms ,heartbreakingly sold it and bought a Himalayan -but i sure do miss her
    I did get warranty from KTM service center for 6months /2000kms for any issues that arises and two free services. It all depends on from where one gets the rebuild done, the experience and skill of the mechanics involved.

    2000kms is more than enough to fully validate any issues that might occur, in all possible scenarios.
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    • I have the first-gen 2016 model duke 390.

      My service center guys continuously screwed over me by filling low oil giving excuses when I asked about it. They didn't do the valve clearance either at the company recommended 30k km. I had the piston rings finally changed at around 42k km after the oil ran low and it started smoking,

      Now it has run close to 4k km after the piston rings work, But the bike seems different than what it used to be after that work I thought it would go away after few hundred kilometers.

      I don't feel any vibration below 80 kmph but after that, it starts increasing gets flattened at around 100 kmph. But the vibrations are intolerable if I'm cruising at or over that speed. I don't hear any weird noise just the vibrations.

      I've ridden this bike from when it was new it was not like this vibey before it almost feels like the bike doesn't want to be at over 5.5k rpm it was rev-happy before.
      What could be the issue here? I've told the service center but they aren't helping me.


      • Hello guys, how are you all? Need help regarding some issue I am facing with Duke 390, It will be great if someone can help. There is micro stutter at the lower RPM say around 3-4000 rpm, at higher rpm bike runs fine. When inspected by KTM service engineer, he said fuel pump may be faulty, it has been recently serviced, there is no issue with the bike other than that, Pickup seems normal. If the fuel pump is faulty can I replace it with car fuel pump motor only, its available around 1k on amazon? Please suggest. Thanks.