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  • [Ownership Thread]: Fiero/FieroF2/FieroFx

    TVS Fiero

    Technical Specifications :


    Type Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, Air cooled OHC
    Displacement 147.5cc
    Maximum power 12 bhp (8.95 kW) @ 7000rpm
    Maximum torque 10.5Nm @ 6500rpm
    Compression ratio 9.4:1
    Transmission 4 Speed


    Front Hydraulically damped telescopic suspension
    Rear Rectangular box swing arm 5- step adjustable shock absorber Triple rated spring
    Front 240 mm Disc; 130 mm Drum ( optional)
    Rear 130 mm Drum
    Wheels and tyres
    Rim size (Front)- Alloy 2.75 x 18
    Rim size (Rear)- Alloy 2.75 x 18
    Tyre size (Front) 90/90 x 18
    Tyre size (Rear) 90/90 x 18


    Kerb weight 124 kg
    Fuel tank capacity 13.0 Litres
    Reserve tank capacity 2.0 Litres

    Battery 12 V 2.5 Ah - Kick Start
    Head lamp 12V 35/35 W/Halogen
    Tail lamp 12V 5/10 W

    Any body in this community owning any of the fieros??
    Well mine is a 2003 F2. great bike and hassle free!! except for some chain issues.

    Click image for larger version

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    Ownership Experience thread Approved.


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      Suzuki FEIRO is a great bike.i owned this bike in 2001 just for 7 months and sold this bike to my cousin.Reason for sale i get a very good deal on a second hand CBZ which also just six months old.
      Pros - Acceleration in mid range,FE,jewel and silent engine at that time.

      Cons - only 4 gear transmission,poor braking,handling is very skittish cos of short swing arm and uncomfortable for pillion cos of high mounted footpegs.

      IT TAKES A FEIRO TO CATCH A FEIRO.This the punch line of the ad of this bike After some 400-500 kms on my CBZ i realized actually what is the meaning of punch line in ad.cos of this jewel of engine this bike still rules the 150 cc segment in MOTOCROSS scene.

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        Yeap guys I own a feiro f2 2003 model

        Its a good bike had no hassle until now...

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          I had a fiero fx 2005 model. Great comfort for rider and pillion.. excellent for long journeys.. Sold it to my uncle and bought apache..


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            Fiero f2

            HI BIKERS

            I have owned a Fiero F2 for about 5 1/2 yrs now. and trust me..."it still needs a fiero to take on a fiero"... it is really so damn true. Really a Fiero. Thts why i call it "Fiero F2" & not "TVS F2"

            Even after 60K odd on the odometer...i have nothing replaced (apart from the Brake liners & the plastics, the visor headlight etc..thnx to the crashes).

            Even now... the engine is sealed as the way when she was being shipped out of the plant - as a VIRGIN.

            and yes she still kisses the 100 KPH mark on the speedo... accepted time taken now is a little more than wht was earlier...but still... she is young... asking asking for more

            and if i am in a mood for some stunts or some heavy traffic city biking.... U know..find ur way n move ahead types... she never disappoints me... she is ready... amazing wheelie amazing @ sprints to make sure i do not see the RED or even Yellow... just the way when she was 3 months old... demanding for more... just tht the rider needs to have it...

            I love her... though i now have a couple of more bikes... n even after 4 offers (all between 30-36K INR) to sell it... i would - Hope never SELL IT...

            She is my soul...
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            I RIDE WITH THE BIKE !!!

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              Topic Merged.


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                Originally posted by c_sbk View Post
                of this jewel of engine this bike still rules the 150 cc segment in MOTOCROSS scene.
                I agree with you in jaipur the best motocross rider use these bike after
                those yamaha YZ !!!! Its really difficult to find a second hand one !!!! like RX 135
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                  Very nice initiative there, starting this thread. I was myself thinking of it since a long time!
                  Anyways, coming to my bike, I own a 2004 March model black Fiero F2, done 48.5K kms. on it.

                  Ownership experience: This was my first geared bike after a Kinetic Honda. The Classic CBZ was always my dream bike&this was not the bike on my list. Unfortunately (which later turned out to be fortunate in my case), I settled for the Fiero F2 since Classic CBZ production had stopped and there were plans of launching CBZ Star which I was not aware of.
                  Anyways, this bike has been my companion since then, I have used her twice in Bangalore too, for 7 months totally (transported to&fro by train, not road). Even to this day she makes me feel the same way I used to feel when she was new-same smooth engine, same traffic friendly character. My Mom&gf simply love the backseat&this is one of the main reasons why I still have her&care for her, inspite of getting myself an R15 last July. My mech says no need to touch the engine for another 2 years atleast (which will translate to more, since my running has reduced due to my R15 coming), there are no problems for spares-all easily available in TVS SVC. So, I guess she is going to be with me for a few more years atleast!

                  Now a small review from my side:
                  Pros: Smooth engine, excellent ergonomics, unmatched pillion comfort,
                  least maintenance among all 150s. No nagging problems or quality
                  Cons: Could have done with new age features like electric start, alloy
                  wheels, digital display etc.
                  Verdict: Excellent city commuter, trouble free bike for many years.

                  As this thread progresses, we can discuss more on the technical aspects, problems, enhancements etc. for our bikes. Will be hooked!
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                    Mine is a 2001 Suzuki Fiero, done around 95K. Got disc brakes installed a year back. Plan to keep it for as long as possible .


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                      Originally posted by bprags View Post
                      Mine is a 2001 Suzuki Fiero, done around 95K. Got disc brakes installed a year back. Plan to keep it for as long as possible .
                      Thats nice! Would like to know about the current engine condition of the vehicle&any major repairs done.
                      Which disc have you got installed-the OEM Fiero's or some other?
                      My bike's disc brake is scratched&is less effective&it soons needs a disc replacement. My trusty mech is suggesting me to go for the Apache setup. Still in 2 minds about it.
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                        Originally posted by Sarvajit View Post
                        Thats nice! Would like to know about the current engine condition of the vehicle&any major repairs done.
                        Which disc have you got installed-the OEM Fiero's or some other?
                        My bike's disc brake is scratched&is less effective&it soons needs a disc replacement. My trusty mech is suggesting me to go for the Apache setup. Still in 2 minds about it.
                        Well, the bike has gone for major modifications. It is no more stock . Its a 200cc bike since the past 3 years. It must have done around 30K on the modded head, still it runs beautifully, the vibes are there since the modification. I have had a couple of major accidents on it too. But the bike is still solid, it can easily serve me for another decade I guess . The CDI too is of the RTR, so that it can revv better. The bottom part of the engine is untouched, just clutch plate changes as I ride very hard. I have put on gas shocks for it not the Pulsar ones. It has the TVS Girling OEM disc kit, BS29 carb, victor GLX swingarm to improve stability and a round doom. Well a long list .


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                          Ah nice thread
                          This reminds me of my Fiero days.
                          Picked a brand new Black Fiero back in June 2002. The last batch of the Suzuki Fiero.
                          It came with OE drum brakes. 10 months later, I installed the TVS girling OE Fiero disc Kit. Installed a K&N and did jetting. Nobody knew what a K&N was back then in 2003. Did sproketing and installed a tachometer. Have done lots of touring and the bike was always smiling. Rode the engine full stock till Sep 2004 and clocked 45000kms.
                          Then installed a different CDI and magneto and the engine would rev till 11000rpm. Removed the cylinder head and ported and polished the ports.
                          In Dec 2004, stripped the engine for my big-bore conversion. Took a sweet time to build and do the entire set-up. Since it was the first of its kind anyone did, we had to figure out new methods to develop and craft the engine parts.
                          Completed the Big-bore 200cc Fiero and started up in May 2005. The bike is standing idle since a year now and I'm planning some works. has clocked 90k kms. 45k in stock form and 45k in the blown form with various combinations and set-up changes.
                          Its a sweet bike to ride around. very light and flickable. My Fiero has a different handling package, suspension and handling dynamics are all tweeked. I run a slightly longer wheel base @ 1270mm. Missing my Fiero for a while now. Will rebuild a new engine and have it up and running soon.
                          Its one of the most indestructable 4-stroke engine that I have come across. After having done almost every possible permuation and combination of mods on the Fiero, it still stands strong. True respect to Suzuki for building a tank called the Fiero.
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                            Why is this thread so silent?
                            Alright, I have a question here:
                            I have observed the following happening when the battery charge is low:
                            1. Horn going weak
                            2. Indicator buzzers sounding weird&indicator getting stuck sometimes
                            3. This is the one I want to discuss about: RPM meter fluctuating from 0 to redline when I press the front brake lever, though actual RPM is hardly around 1.
                            All of the above stop after the bike has been run for sometime.

                            Off late, I found the above phenomenon recurring&decided to get the battery charged. After charging for a couple of hours, the voltage was showing above 12 volts, so connected it.
                            Thought the best way to check it would be by only turning on the ignition, but not starting the engine. Checked the indicators, working fine. Checked the horn, was sounding feeble so got the horn tuning done.
                            Next, when I checked both were working fine.
                            But, the RPM meter fluctuates as soon as I start the engine&sometimes when I hold the brake. This stops after a few kms.
                            Could this be a problem of the meter, or is it that the charge is not flowing to the battery? The TVS SVC guys say the battery capacitor is also fine. Battery also shows more than 12V when checked. I am puzzled.
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                              IT TAKES A FEIRO TO CATCH A FEIRO....... Still........

                              Ah..........found a fiero thread at last...................
                              My bro (During his MBBS days) picked a brand new red fiero in September 2000 aftr his dad rejectd 4 the CBZ nd RX-135.......4 he thot they wr fast bikes he optd 4 the Fiero (The first Batch of Fiero's)......nd he did'nt ever regret tht (u know y)..........he'd nevr let me drive it then as i was admiring it when i startd gettin the feel of the finally in July 2007 the reigns wer passd on 2 me..........The bike looks brand new even aftr 9 yrs & 70K & without a scratch (look 4 it urself guys) as stock as it can get ..........the desire nd speed has not reduced a wee bit............the engine though has bn a bit redone (an yr ago) with the bore & all (thx joel)...........aftr bing lured 2ward selling of the bike (which i hav not done) 4 gud price of course nd 2 buy new bike.............I still hav d bike say wht d pro's & con's may b just so 4 the feel & sound while firing it up ...........The old warrior is as deadly as evr.........
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