A relaxing ride to Rewa with #SmartTyres from JK Tyre

A relaxing ride to Rewa with #SmartTyres from JK Tyre

The life of a motovlogger can get hectic sometimes. Regardless of how much you love something, moderation is important. Too much of anything is a recipe for failure. That is exactly what has been going on with me; shooting vlogs, editing, uploading, and repeating. This has been my schedule for the past few months. I needed a break and my definition of it is finding new places and in the process, finding myself. Stuff like this keeps me close to the kind of life I wanted for myself; the life of a wanderer.

Now that it was decided that I was going to take a break and just ride, I needed to figure out a place to go to. Among the many places I was considering, Rewa kept coming back to my mind. Finally, I decided to put a pin on it. Next question, bike. My CBR250R is a near-perfect sports tourer so I decided to go with that. A relaxing ride to a relaxing location on a relaxed motorcycle. All set? Not just yet.

The tyres on my CBR250R were showing their age and I needed a new set of rubber for my steed. All this while, I was also in touch with xBhp regarding their #xBhpJKSmartRides project. Incidentally, I got a call from them asking me if I was looking to take up a ride and also, review the Smart Tyres from JK Tyre. How could I say no? I agreed and all the arrangements were made. So I rode to the nearest JK Tyre Dealership and got the Smart Tyres installed.

Ayush Verma is a motovlogger and an ardent rider who is always on the lookout for new adventures. Never shy to share his views on the motorcycles that he rides, Ayush also likes to visit new places and make new memories. He has ridden to most places worth visiting in India and has ridden some exotic machines too. Know more about him on his channel linked here.

The tyres were from the Blaze RYDR series from JK Tyre and at the first glance, they seemed exactly like what my CBR250R needed. What really blew my mind was the kit that turned these tyres into Smart Tyres. A sensor was wrapped around the wheels before actually installing the tyres. Then, all I had to do was download the Treelcare app, scan the QR code on the box of the sensor and I was done. Just like that, I had everything I needed to know about tyre health on my smartphone. I was amazed by the technology, but more on that later.

My motorcycle was ready, the little bit of luggage that I decided to carry was ready and it was time to ride!

Day 1

It was 5 AM and probably the best time to exit Lucknow. The City of Nawabs tends to get crowded as the day progresses. I did not want traffic to mar the first day of my ride and so, I decided to leave early. As I warmed my bike up, I was mesmerized by the quiet of the morning. It still baffles me how life tends to steer you away from these little things that are always around you.

After a few minutes of enjoying the quiet, I left for Rewa. It is a city located in the north-eastern part of Madhya Pradesh. The best thing about Rewa is that it is dotted with beautiful waterfalls all around and there is nothing more relaxing than listening to the song of a waterfall. Serenity, calmness, chaos; it is nature incarnate.

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The roads were empty as I navigated the innards of Lucknow and soon enough, I was on the highway. After some cautious first kilometres, I was acclimated to the tyres. Also, I could see on the Treelcare app that the tyres were warmed up properly so I was ready to ready to up the ante. In the next hour or so, I covered 80 km and reached Raebareli. I had planned it as my first stop but I was in the zone and I was loving it. So I decided to make Prayagraj my first stop which was another 120 km away.

During these 200 odd kilometres, I realized that my impression of the tyres was not unfounded. I had phenomenal straight-line grip and stability along with a lowdown of all the vitals of the tyres. The confidence boost you get from such a tight setup is something else. I was able to keep the pace up and reached Prayagraj in what felt like no time at all. I refuelled my bike, had breakfast, and in about 30-40 mins, I was back on the road.

After Prayagraj, the roads were much more enjoyable. There was greenery, there were hills, and the climate was enjoyable too. I was enjoying myself but more than that, I was excited to test these tyres in the twisties. During the break, I noticed the tyre temperature going down, then it went back up as I started riding. I could even monitor the pressure change in relation to the temperature of the tyres. It almost felt like a sci-fi movie. Not to mention, it is quite empowering when you know that you are in total control.

My wish for twisties came true when I was around 50 km away from Rewa. The boring highways gave way to some sinuous roads filled with corners. I could see the tyres were ready and I already knew that they gripped well so I went in with a healthy dose of confidence. The lean angles one can manage on these tyres is simply mind-blowing. It may have been less than usual but I still had luggage on the bike which was even more impressive. The soft compound around the edges of the tyres makes sure that you have all the grip you need even at serious lean angles.

So much confidence, such good roads, and too much fun- I only realized the passage of time when I reached Rewa. It was so much fun that I wanted to go back 50 km and then ride back to Rewa again. As tempted as I was, I held myself back and decided to relax instead. I needed to chill because that is what this trip was about.

Day 2

The next day of our trip entailed visiting the waterfalls and I was super excited about it. There’s an inexplicable charm that waterfalls possess. The sort of effect they have on a person is very close to hypnosis. And you’ll know why I said that. Anyway, I aimed to visit Purwa and Chachai Falls, in the same order as well because Purwa was the one I was looking forward to the most.

It was about 35 km away from where I was staying in Rewa and I made my way there in no time. Relativity works not just in the world but within your mind too. I felt like time was passing too quickly on my way to Purwa Falls but once I reached there, time slowed down considerably. It was so mesmerizingly beautiful.

I have visited my fair share of beautiful places but this was one of the most beautiful of them all. I have seen waterfalls but could not pay much attention to them as I was always on the clock. This time, I had time on hand and I was in love. So much so that I just sat there till 5 PM. Got that hypnosis reference now? People say sometimes you need to be lost to find yourself. Now I know what they mean.

It was already 5 and I had one more place to visit, the Chachai Falls. So I decided to make a run for it but the roads had some other plans. There were potholes, broken roads, and speed-breakers that can be used for hiking. But I rode carefully, the tyres held their end of the bargain and I was able to reach Chachai Falls before sunset. The water level had gotten low but that also allowed me to get super close to the waterfall. One of the best sunsets of my life for sure.

After that, I made my way back to my stay.

Day 3

This day was supposed to be used for my return journey but I decided to start early and visit one more place before I went back to Lucknow. The first on the list was Keoti Falls. My plans were slightly derailed as I started because the road condition was even worse than between Purwa and Chachai Falls. No roads, water crossings, mud, slush; it was a nightmare. More appropriately, it could have been a nightmare if I did not have with me a new set of Smart Tyres from JK Tyre.

So with the help of the tyres, I reached Keoti Falls safely, chilled there for a while, and since the place was so beautiful, got one of the best drone shots of my life. This place is without a doubt another hidden gem in the repertoire of Madhya Pradesh. After spending some time there, it was now time for me to head back to Lucknow.

Around 150 km into my return journey, it started to rain. But I had already experienced the Blaze RYDR tyres in wet conditions so it did not bother me much. The tread design is not only a looker but also very good at channelling water away from under the tyres so you have utmost confidence even in the wet. As a result, I was able to maintain a decent pace and reached Lucknow by around 7 PM. Was this break worth it? Absolutely. I got lost… and found myself too.

Tyre Review


The first thing I want to talk about is the Smart Tyre tech because that is what impressed me the most. We all know how important tyre pressure is and we all obsess about warming up the tyres before bringing the hammer down in corners. But being able to know the exact number for those metrics is something that empowers you at a different level altogether. Total Control is what the folks at JK Tyre live by and the Smart Tyre technology surely takes one much closer to that. The tech took the cake, yes, but the good old rubber was just as impressive. The Blaze RYDR tyres from JK Tyre are one of the best sport-touring tyres in the market. The straight-line stability, the grip in the corners, the grip in the wet; every performance aspect of these tyres is right up there with the best. I am a sucker for twisties because in the corners, at the edge of control, is where I feel alive the most. But without good tyres, I can never reach that point where adrenaline takes over. Before I start to sound like a junkie, I would just like to say that if you are into touring, Blaze RYDR tyres are one of the best. With the Smart Tyre technology, I’d go as far as to say they are perhaps the best.



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