Carbonado AerFit: Protection, essentials and innovation

Carbonado AerFit: Protection, essentials and innovation

Being motorcyclists, we have always understood the importance of protective gears. From helmets to riding gears, we consider all of these things to be paramount when one goes out on their motorcycle. Various occupations or hobbies (or both) call for their own specific protective gears. But the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made masks necessary for the entire population.

The reports so far suggest that the respiratory disease is caused by a Coronavirus which attacks the lungs. But it all starts from the starting point of the respiratory tract i.e. mouth and nose. And therefore, the importance of masks. But like it is the case with riding gears, there are masks and then there are good quality masks.

The Carbonado AerFit belongs to the latter category. After seeing their work and innovation with the GT and GT2 backpacks in addition to their urban mobility smart bags, there is no doubt that the AerFit mask also lives up to the Carbonado brand name.

In terms of protection, it uses 6 protective layers. Since COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease, even the mask needs regular cleaning. The AerFit is reusable and has a life of up to 30 wash cycles. In addition to enhancing safety, the mesh used in AerFit makes breathing through it a breeze… literally. And lastly, it also has an anti-fogging function to prevent eyeglass fogging.

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