Fateh Inspire India Tour: Inspiring the future through music and motorcycles

Fateh Inspire India Tour: Inspiring the future through music and motorcycles

As we all stand united against the global threat that the COVID-19 pandemic is and trying to come to terms with it, the blows that are coming our way do not seem to end. The lockdown, the downward spiral that the economy is in, the loss of lives, and the sheer helplessness, there is no doubt that it will take its toll. As such, an xBhpian, Nitish Pires, who was on a Pan India ride, had to cancel it midway because of the nationwide lockdown in place.

Nitish is a musician and a motorcyclist. And for some divine reason, we have seen these two things go hand in hand on more than one occasion. We ourselves undertook the O2: Ride (Octaves and Octanes) and travelled around India with musicians. Nitish planned to do something similar.

As we have already mentioned, Nitish is a musician and a motorcyclist but in addition to that, he is a GIMA nominee and even received an award from one of India’s most loved Presidents, Late Mr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. His video release Fateh was about his message for children and teenagers. And that is what formed the basis for this ride of his which he calls Fateh Inspire India Tour.

He was on a 13-city tour aboard his Triumph Bobber where he is also performing live in those cities. Through all of this, he wants to share his experiences with everyone and inspire the less fortunate to take that first step towards the life of their dreams.

Moved by Nitish’s passion to inspire children and knowing that we have been trying our best to do the same, we were more than happy to support Nitish as his community partners. And so, Nitish will be sporting a full-set of riding gear from Rynox Gears to keep him protected on his ride, a #16YearsOfxBhp Special Edition helmet from Axor Helmets to keep his head safe and cool, and a super-handy backpack from Carbonado. Being fellow bikers, this was something that we were compelled to do and even more so, post getting to know the cause he is riding for.

During this trip, Nitish and his crew were to visit campuses and schools to spread his message of motivation and with it, taking signatures from the people he touched. His end goal is to create an artistic canvas called the ‘Tree of Life’. The concept is a ying-yang where adults can be the foundation and an inspiration for the upcoming generation.

The leaves, fruits, and flowers were inked by students and teenagers whereas the roots were to be signed by motorcyclists and music fans. According to his vision, this inking of the ‘Tree of Life’ would have transformed into a colourful painting by the last leg. The painting was then to be auctioned by an NGO and the funds, to be used for the development of children, the future of this country.

But unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic struck mid-tour and post the Prime Minister’s message, his ride was cut short. Unfortunate as it may be, Nitish was still able to visit a few cities before the tour was abrupted and so… here are some photos from it.



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