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#HomeIsWhereBikeIs is a celebration of the integral role that motorcycles play in our lives. These machines are a part of our families and homes. This  is again a unique project conceptualized and executed by xBhp in association with Castrol POWER1 and BoConcept India and is our take on the manner in which these bikes add to the joy and splendour of a motorcyclist’s life. 

In this series, we shot a number of unique and exotic bikes and we will be presenting all of them to you one by one. 

And finally, the Ninja H2 is back on the day 15. 

Harley Davidson Nightrod is back on Day #14.

On popular demand, Big Dog K9 is back on Day 13 of #homeIsWhereBikeIs

The Custom Honda Blackbird makes its reentry into #HomeisWhereBikeis! 

Day 11 of the #HomeisWhereBike is shows the return of Indian Chief Vintage. 

The bike #10 is the gorgeous Ducati 959 Panigale. The mid-size superbike gives all the adrenaline pumping rush of a liter class, with the ease of use of supersport bikes.

Day 9 of #homeIsWhereBikeIs shows a #HondaBlackbird. a legend by itself, made even more legendary by the work of a Delhi based enthusiast. Making this one of the fastest and scariest nakeds around!

Thanks to Vikrant for providing us this for the shoot! 

Bike #8 is the Kawasaki #NinjaH2, the Japanese manufacturer’s crown jewel. The only Super Charged production motorcycle. Possibly the most desirable bike on the planet currently.

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Bike #7 of #homeIsWhereBikeIs the #HarleyDavidson #NightRod, the Milwaukee based manufacturer’s departure from tradition, the Harley which is most unlike a Harley. A rocketship disguised as a motorcycle!

Bike #6 is the recently launched Triumph Bonneville Bobber, the British marque’s interpretation of the motorcycling form which started in the 1930s where owners used to strip o all excess bodywork. True minimalism.

Bike #5  is the DSK-Benelli TNT 899, a motorcycle which was designed in the early 2000s and it still looks futuristic in comparison to the competition.A motorcycle which redefines the term ‘razor sharp’!

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Bike #4 is the Indian Chief Vintage, from one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers of America. A beautiful amalgamation of yesteryear’s charm with modern technology.

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The bike #3 is an an icon, a legend, & a cult. The Suzuki Hayabusa inspiring generations of youngsters to yearn and earn their own!

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The bike #2 is the Big Dog K9 Red Chopper 111, a custom chopper from the world’s largest custom chopper builders. No two bikes are alike in the world. Exclusivity and beauty mated to the hungry power of American choppers! Thanks to Samar Sodhi from the Big Motorcycle Company, Gurgaon for this magnificent machine.

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The bike #1 is the Suzuki’s GSX-S1000, the latest liter class naked from the Japanese manufacturer. One of the most potent nakeds currently available in the market.

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#HomeIsWhereBikeIs is a concept where we wanted bikers to express their love for the machines which play such a vital role in our lives. We held a contest asking motorcyclists to send in their entries describing their love for motorcycles in words and photographs. We are overwhelmed at the response and below you can find the five winners of the contest and some of the many entries which didn’t win a prize, but won our hearts!

The lucky winners got an SMK Helmet, Castrol POWER1 engine oil, xBhp’s Special Edition 14th Anniversary tee, an xBhp keychain and the priceless #HomeIsWhereBikeIs special xBhp Magazine. 

Here are the winners of the contest:

Winner 1: Pradeep Kumar

Your home/bike will always be the place where you get the deepest feel of freedom & rightfully yours, no matter where you are. Like home when you are in ride you can totally relax & can feel the beautiful life we have. As soon as you bought a bike it becomes a part of your life & Family (Home). Like our family members it will always be there for us by the time of need & ready to come with us where ever we want to go. The best companion for rider, a good friend & a perfect partner to cross miles. My bike is there to fill the space when i was away from home. So we can proudly say “Home Is Where Bike Is”.

Winner 2: Sohail Hussain

Winner 3: Nishanth Nagaraja

Winner 4: Vivek Sharma

Winner 5: Navneeth SV Muralidhara

 Some of the text entries which were special:

Home is where the bike is because like humans bikes also have a soul, humans need a home for resting after a long days work and same way a bike needs rest after a long days rough ride!
A bike is your soul mate in journey of life filled with ups and downs . You got to treat it the same way as it does to you in this journey. #PartnerForLife


#HomeIsWhereBikeIs because both home my home and my bike have witnessed my loneliness, my tears all alone, they both have me taught some important life lessons like when life throws you into corners, lean through it 👊

Dilip Kumar Saraswat

#HomeIsWhereBikeIs because home is a place where one lives especially as a member of a family so a bike is definitely family. We have a bullet since 1995 and the bike has been with me for a while. So, in honor of celebrating years of being with the family I’d definitely say I am so blessed to have a bike which is so close to my heart. One can share life’s joys and sorrows just by going for a ride and by doing so I can explore more of myself by experiencing the thrills and the calmness.I have no idea what I would be doing right now if it weren’t for my bike. @CastrolBiking @RoyalEnfield @xBhpMotorcycling

Ashwin Sekhar

 #HomeIsWhereBikeIs because when you are on the saddle, you are living in the moment, no past, no future. Just you and your machine following life itself. Under the helmets there is no discrimination, just fellow riders sharing the same love and passion.

Faizal Mohammed Salim

#HomeIsWhereBikeIs because after So Many Falls I am Still Riding It

Asad Lari

#homeiswherebikeis because bikes won’t give up on you like human does, it’s more like a love story in which the relationship is eternal, a chance to live a perfect fairytale in which your partner wouldn’t leave you and more over home is where heart is so when your heart is binded with a beautiful machine that is where your home is! 🏍️


#HomeIsWhereBikeIs because the comfort that a person gets when he’s home is the same when a Rider gets on with his Bike. @xbhp


Below are some of the many photo entries:




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