#xBhpAxorHelmet #2


JK Tyre Monsoon Motorheads: Episode 1 feat. Deepak Bansal

The monsoons are special for many reasons. They infuse the land with water. Flora & fauna of all kinds flourish. But for us motorcyclists it is of utmost importance that our bikes are in top condition, especially the tyres. In this four-part series, we feature four passionate motorcyclists that don’t let the monsoons dampen their spirits. And for them, JK Tyre with the Smart Tyre technology that lets you monitor tyre pressure wirelessly via an app is yet another way to keep themselves safer. In episode 1 we feature Deepak Bansal, who also calls himself Model Artician.

Stay safe these monsoons, all of you!

To know more about JK Tyre Smart Tyre, go to www.jktyre.com/SMARTTYRE/



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