The Perfect Storm: Mahindra Thar’s day out feat. CEAT CZAR A/T tyres

The Perfect Storm: Mahindra Thar’s day out feat. CEAT CZAR A/T tyres

The #roadTripUnited2021 is done and dusted and it was a heck of an experience. Along with the motorcycles, it was driving the Thar for 10,000 km that really struck a chord with us. It gave us a chance to test the mettle of the new Mahindra Thar and the all-important CEAT CZAR A/T tyres in a multitude of terrains and while the terrains changed, what remained constant was the utter domination portrayed by both, the car and the tyres. 

So inevitably, all that we did fell short anyway. What do we do when that happens? Do some more of that. So, we had the Mahindra Thar rearing to go, we had the CEAT CZAR A/T tyres screaming for some action, and we had ourselves, clamouring for some more rough stuff to put the Thar through. 

As a result of that, not too long after the culmination of #roadTripUnited2021, we went out for another special outing with the Mahindra Thar. Sakatpur, situated in the outskirts of Gurgaon was chosen as a playground for this one-day adventure! 

We have talked a lot about the car till now so this time around, we are going to try to focus on perhaps the most important aspect of hardcore off-roading and also, probably the most ignored one- tyres. Our Mahindra Thar is shod with CZAR A/T tyres from CEAT.

With the capabilities that the car now possesses, it should not come as a surprise that these tyres were specially developed for the Mahindra Thar. We thought you should know in case the stylish sidewall did not already give that away. 

The new Mahindra Thar is an all-new car. While the older iterations were phenomenal off-road cars but slightly lesser on the roads, the new one is an all-rounder in every sense of the words. That also brings forth the need for tyres that possess the same quality- versatility. The CEAT CZAR A/T tyres fit the bill perfectly as they not only portray fantastic off-road acumen but serious on-road performance as well!

On the tarmac, they are on par (or even better) than most. The bold treads tend to mislead people into believing that the tyres have more bias towards off-roading. That cannot be farther from the truth. On the road, they exhibit all the traits you need for a comfortable ride. The noise is minimal and the grip is very good. Under braking, during turns, and under acceleration, they do as good a job as possible in transmitting the drivers’ inputs to the tarmac. 

Then there are bad roads. Broken patches of tarmac can be a lot to deal with for both a car and its tyres. CEAT CZAR A/T tyres feature a sturdy construction that not only gives one more confidence to deal with the rough patches but also, to make the most of them because, after all, it is a Mahindra Thar that they are driving.

Another aspect that bolsters one’s confidence is the sidewall protection that is a prominent feature of CEAT CZAR A/T tyres. They repel scrapes and cuts which ensures longer tyre life, a safer drive, and add to that the rim protectors, and you have on hand truly go-anywhere tyres and, in turn, a truly go-anywhere car. 

Now, as you can see in the photos, we did not simply take our Thar out to tread on some tarmac and broken roads. Doing justice to the abilities of the car and the tyres was the call of the day. So, we simply got off the road and let it rip! There are not a lot of things that come close to thrashing a car in some of the toughest terrains you can find. 

We encountered almost everything during this short excursion. Sand, loose rocks, gravel, mud, slush, rocks and whatnot. The fact that we not only came out unscathed but came out on top is a testament to not only the Thar but its proverbial shoes as well- CEAT CZAR A/T tyres. 

Regardless of how much the terrain varied and altered the complexity, the tyres performed consistently. CEAT CZAR A/T tyres feature deep grooves that help water channelling- a boon when it comes to dealing with mud and slush. Then we have the panther-paw tread pattern that oozes grip even when there’s sand or gravel or even some loose rocks. 

At the onset, all of it seems like insanity. But if we are being honest, it is all about confidence and faith. And while the new Thar is extremely capable, the tyres do help matters immensely. As we mentioned, it is all about confidence and faith… and CEAT CZAR A/T tyres lend you heaps of those. So much so that you’ll find yourself deviating from the paved path to the unknowns of off-roading more often than you ever thought possible! 



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