#16YearsofxBhp Special Edition Axor | xBhp Helmet

#16YearsofxBhp Special Edition Axor | xBhp Helmet

We unveiled quite a few things on our 16th Anniversary that we celebrated on the 7th of July 2019. But the biggest unveiling and the culmination of one of our most ambitious projects would be the #16YearsofxBhp Special Edition Helmet that we created with Axor Helmets. It is a fantastic feeling to come up with our own rendition of something that is paramount for a motorcyclist. 

We all know that the purpose of a helmet is to ensconce a biker giving him safety and protection from the elements and in case of an unfortunate fall. We have taken that a bit further and have infused our philosophy of #iTheBiker into the Four Roads (X) helmet – on the left, we have the desert, on the right, is a beach, on the top, we have a racetrack and on the back, the sacrosanct mountains. 

The helmet that you see here is a pre-production model and it will be launched soon i.e. within this year. We will also be taking pre-orders for this helmet which will have a discounted price when compared to buying it off the retail stores when it hits the market. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the price and availability. 



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