The 1300 Hot Wheels xBhp Hayabusa!

The 1300 Hot Wheels xBhp Hayabusa!

They say you never really grow up. Only the desires change as the older ones are suppressed to give way to new ones. However, there are a few things, like chocolates and Hot Wheels cars, that manage to stay with us throughout our lives. For us, living our life like a movie or a video game has been the motivating force since our childhood. So when it came to using 3000 cars creatively, how could we not bring a helmet into the picture. And a cool backpack. And last but not the least – one of the world’s fastest bikes, the mighty Hayabusa, or as most of India knows it as – the dhoom bike. 

And something else. A door. A door, because it signifies progress and positivity. New opportunities. And what’s better than a door covered with 1000 Hot Wheels cars? Enough drama. Let’s get straight to business on how we did this. It all started when we wanted to do up our xBhp HQ wall in a different way. We had enough photos from our roadtrips in 55 countries to go to the moon and back, and then some. We wanted something different. Something that pops out.

Hot Wheels was a natural choice. They are colourful. They are durable (drop one from the top floor of Burj Khalifa and one may still find them intact, but the same cannot be said about the windshield of a Lamborghini… or a Rolls-Royce perhaps). They are light. They are relatively inexpensive. And they look fantastic to a point that some of them seem to have been designed by aliens… or extremely creative people smoking the best kinda weed there is. They are like building blocks. You can literally cover anything with Hot Wheels if you have enough of them. So we got 3000 of them at the xBhp HQ i.e. enough of them

Your mission, should you chose to accept it…

But the start of the procedure led us to the road to enlightenment. And enlightened we were when we found out that were not even close to being properly equipped to fight gravity. Not even with the ultra-light Hot Wheels cars. As an experiment, we put up around 1200 cars on a vertical wall covered with wallpaper. But on an average 10 cars were falling every hour. It was a nightmare.

The whole wall was torn with us seething in frustration. We were back to square one. Or should we say, Hot Wheels car No 1/3000… But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. The frustration brought along with it, a moment of great epiphany for us. We already possessed the perfect canvas for it. A superbike revered the world over. One of the world’s fastest motorcycles and as iconic as the Hot Wheels brand itself- the Suzuki Hayabusa!

And after that great realization, it was a matter of time before we connected the dots, or more appropriately, connected the Hot Wheels cars. We got a helmet (an Axor Apex) and a bag (a Carbonado GT the cool rear base of which makes for a perfect canvas) into the foray. 

But even then, the key problem remained- how do we stick them? One idea was to book a flight with SpaceX and go to the moon where the gravity is a bit more lenient. But because of practicality issues, the idea was scrapped. We traversed the length and breadth (err… circumference) of the earth looking for an answer. 

And on the brink of loss of hope, a light from the heavens shone upon the land, cut the sea in half and there it was… 3M. Their pre-cut Scotch adhesive tapes were like thousands of little angels that came to our aid, taking the HotWheels cars to heaven, saving them from the great demon called gravity. 

It wasn’t all that but we are sure that the biblical references aided you in understanding the gravity of the situation. 

Next up was colour matching… as much as we could. Starting with the door. And then the helmet which was very welcoming towards a small Hot Wheels helicopter. And then the bag.

And then for the protagonist. The James bond. The John Wick. The IP Man. The Mithun Chakravorty of it all. The Hayabusa. We got it some new clothes too. Gloss wrap better facilitates the sticking part as compared to matte wraps. A neutral colour like grey serves the purpose of not robbing the 1000+ cars of their colourful charm. 

Now, you must understand a history-of-humanity altering procedure like this needs to take place someplace which is worthy of going down in the history books. We thought. A lot. Throttle Shrottle? Awesome place but too many people. We didn’t want to blow our Busa’s cover before the unveiling day. Plus, no supercars to spruce up the moment. 

Where in India can one get Supercars, an air-conditioned environment (before we are called suckers for creature comfort, experience the Delhi heat coupled with a sprinkle of Delhi Monsoon) and ample space to spare for us to affix hundreds of HotWheels on a Hayabusa?

Big Boy Toyz. Simple enough. It is THE PLACE TO FEAST YOUR EYES ON SUPERCARS IN INDIA. We contacted Big Boy Toyz and expressed our desire. Jatin Ahuja, being the cool guy that he is, immediately understood. He agreed to trust us with turning the showroom, with crores worth of exotics, into a studio to work in. Bloody fantastic. 

Our Lenovo P1 with its powerful processors, both CPU and GPU, did not feel intimidated by the plethora of powerful machines around. It helped us track our progress and made sure we stayed true to our intended thoughts and design for this project.

And so, the canvas was there, the colours were there, the tools were in place and the venue was set. Michaelangelo, we choose you. For two days straight, the work was put in transforming the Hayabusa. The number of Hot Wheels cars stuck on it grew as the weed grows on a dilapidated building. The only difference was that this was constructive and consensual (the Busa didn’t mind). Like two alien breeds copulating for the greater good like saving the galaxy or something.  

In this world, the Hayabusa was the Goliath, the HotWheels cars were like the hundreds of clones of Agent Smith in the Matrix, and we were Neo. Along those lines, let’s make Big Boy Toyz the Matrix and it’s settled. 

Finally, it was time to release this organism to the world. We knew no one had done anything like this before (except well, an old Jaguar). We were aghast to see why more people were not doing this. Anyway, the Delhi Celebrations of #16yearsOfxBhp was the occasion where we brought it out in front of the critical eyes of the world. And going by the loud cheers and woohoos and whoas from the crowd, we can safely say that they absolutely loved it. 

This very special Hayabusa of ours was unveiled by Mr Kaleem M.A., who came all the from Hyderabad to attend the Delhi celebration of #16YearsofxBhp

Mission accomplished. 



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