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COVID-19/Coronavirus: Social distancing with #DoTheX

COVID-19/Coronavirus: Social distancing with #DoTheX

COVID-19/Coronavirus is having an incredible negative global effect. Such a small thing bringing the whole planet to halt and to see it happen right in front of us and not as a movie… is pretty amazing. There are talks of social distancing and isolating oneself among others. People are resorting to ‘namaste’ or just a nod when they see someone.

Being a motorcyclist one already has a layer of protection when you wear a helmet and proper riding gear. But they are only adequate to keep you safe from crashes and mishaps. During these times of crisis and serious need to curb the spread of the infection, we’d like to bring up something from xBhp’s past which works as a means of social distancing without hurting the sense of camaraderie among motorcyclists.

A long time ago, we came up with #DoTheX. Making an ‘X’ using our hands has been a call sign of sorts for xBhpians since 2002. So, next time you meet a motorcyclist, #DoTheX.

Disclaimer: All the photos that you are about to see are of our ‘social gatherings’ in the past. In light of the current situation pertaining to the Coronavirus, we’d advise you to stick to riding solo. We’d like to urge everyone to practice hygiene and stay safe.

Shot during flag off of The Great Indian Roadtrip in 2006 when we went around our beautiful country on these machines for a 110 days and 14,000 kms long roadtrip.

Shot in Goa in 2015 during the #ThankYouRide

xBhp’s 10th Anniversary meet in Delhi

xBhp Dominar Meet Kochi – 2019

xBhp Bhubaneswar: #ThankYouRide (2015)

xBhp Bhubaneswar during one of the anniversary rides

Guwahati Meet during the #xBhpDominarGreatAsianOdyssey

xBhp Trivandrum



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