Flood relief organized in Assam by Riding Maniac/xBhp Dhubri/Assam xBhp

Flood relief organized in Assam by Riding Maniac/xBhp Dhubri/Assam xBhp

As we all know that a lot of states in India are reeling from the effects of massive floods that have occurred this year. As our fellow countrymen have been left to suffer from the effects of this calamity, many people have come forward to provide aid to the people affected.

Assam is one of the worst-hit states with almost 39 lakh people affected. Assam’s Dhubri alone has about 11.50 lakh people who have been affected by the floods. Many have lost their homes, their livelihoods and what not. One of the people who have come forward to help their fellow countrymen is Sir Kaleem M.A., an esteemed and cherished member of xBhp. 

He took up an initiative to provide aid to the people affected and travelled 2,157 km, from Hyderabad to Dhubri, Assam. He, along with Riding Maniac/xBhp Dhubri/Assam xBhp, went to distribute food among the affected.  Kaleem sir along with Riding Maniac provided support to more than 300 families by providing them with edibles like rice, potatoes, oil, dal, milk, salt etc and other necessities like clothes and mosquito repellents and such. 

We are proud of Riding Manic group led by Ziaur Rehman, Kaleem sir, and Assam xBhp for taking up an initiative like this and helping the people affected by the floods in their hour of need. They have been able to put a smile on the faces of the people the lives of whom have been derailed and we believe that acts like these play a huge part in uniting the people of our great nation. And we take great pride in the fact our community has been able to do so using motorcycles as a means… 



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