Friendly Neighbourhood Suzuki B-King

Friendly Neighbourhood Suzuki B-King

They say you should never meet your heroes… alright. But who says our bikes cannot! And amongst all that we have seen, Suzukis seem to be the most eager ones to do so. We, at xBhp, have seen our fair share of motorcycles with customizations based on superheroes, like the Iron Man Hayabusa and the Bumblebee Hayabusa. And this time around, we bring to you another one, not a Hayabusa, but perhaps the closest kin, the Suzuki B-King.

A gentleman, a huge Spiderman fan, transformed his Suzuki B-King to resemble the web-slinger. The headlight has a web pattern and the oh-so-familiar Spiderman eyes. The Spiderman insignia on the seat and a spidey mask tank cap take the matters further. Apart from that, the whole body, and we mean every panel, looks like the B-King snuck out at night and stole Peter Parker’s costume. And for all those reasons and despite our love for Spiderman, this B-King right here is now our favourite ‘Friendly neighbourhood’.

We would like to thank Mr Zubair Ali Jung, who we met at India Speed Week some time back, for letting us shoot this masterpiece of a motorcycle.

Talking about the motorcycle, it was a streetfighter that was manufactured by Suzuki from 2007 to 2012. A pair of under-seat exhausts that look like they’re going to shoot cannonballs and the front looks as if it’s a robot transformed into a space-age motorcycle. That’s the Suzuki B-King for you. It was powered by the same 1,340cc inline-4 engine that propels the Suzuki Hayabusa. About 181 bhp of power and 146 Nm of torque made this motorcycle everything legendary that the ‘Busa is… just without the fairing and a lot of streetfighter muscle.

We have also ridden the Suzuki B-King extensively; during Indian in 0-100 Motorcycles and also in New Zealand during the the The Grand New Zealand Roadtrip.

Suzuki B-King during The Great New Zealand Roadtrip



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