The iconic duo: razr sharp and brutishly powerful

The iconic duo: razr sharp and brutishly powerful

In this article, we are discussing two icons. Two of the almost ‘absolutes’ in their own right, one of the best ever seen in their respective domains. At xBhp, we are all about motorcycles so one of them has to be a motorcycle and it is none other than the Falcon, Suzuki Hayabusa. The second one is a courtesy of our tech-inclination. It is a phone like no other, the Motorola razr. God has been kind and at the moment, we have both of them with us. So without further ado, let’s get to what it feels like having them around.

Ever since we first laid our eyes on the Hayabusa in 2003, we knew we had to get it. And in 2014, the dream came true. And since then, xBhp has done two pan-India roadtrips on it. On the other hand, when the Motorola razr first came out in 2004, they managed to sell more than 100 million units. That makes it one of the most successful phones… ever!

The Busa came out in 1999 and if you really think about it, its purpose was to displace the Honda Blackbird from its throne which said ‘Fastest Production Bike’. And it did that. Ironically, the first big bike in the xBhp Garage was a Blackbird. And Hayabusa means Peregrine Falcon, which preys on Blackbirds. That, friends, is iconic.

Equally iconic is our other icon, the Motorola razr. The design philosophy is derived from clam shells and the name, well, from the form factor which is sleek… like a razor. And hence, the name, Motorola razr. The first one was epic and the current one takes it even further.


It has a revolutionary foldable display that is a testimony to the innovative engineering that went into creating something like this. It is so small, compact, and yet, features bleeding-edge tech the result of which enables a zero-gap closing of the screen without even a crease. That is insane.

When products like the Hayabusa or the Motorola razr are launched in the market, at first, they are disruptive, then they become trendsetters and finally, take their place in the Hall of Fame of the most iconic things ever.

Coming back to the Busa, when you talk about a motorcycle that leaves you in a different time zone by the time you end your riding day, it is no surprise that the engineering behind it is praised. We are talking about a motorcycle that necessitated the fabled ‘Gentleman’s Agreement, restricting motorcycles to 300 km/h. And to achieve that, the need to create a design that held its own in a wind tunnel was imminent. And so, the bulbous bodywork of the Busa.

Coming to the design of the Motorola razr, it is similarly iconic as the flap slices through the air as you receive a call or hang it up… incredibly stylish. It is hard to get over how satisfying it is to open and close the flap of the Motorola razr. This seemed impossible a while ago and now, we have a phone in the palm of our hands that can do all that and then some… That is why we feel that you cannot plan for something to be iconic. Thousands of variables have to work in tandem for that to happen in the case of the Motorola razr, it happened!

There are very few products that age like fine wine. The Hayabusa and the Motorola razr are those products. It is just that in the case of the Motorola razr, the fine wine aged well and transformed into something even better. There is no doubt that the Motorola razr is a show of pride in the technology that makes a statement, despite riding on the legacy of a design that did something which felt like an impossible feat to repeat… and yet, we have the new razr, which reeks of innovation, luxury, and style.

Now, talking about the phone itself, we have used it for quite a while so this is sort of a short review of how the razr feels when used more than a style statement. On the processing front, Motorola razr’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 is more than adequate for most of the day to day tasks that are taken care of by your smartphone. The 2.2 GHz of its quicker cores of the 8-cores and 6 GB of RAM ensure that most of the usual tasks are disposed of easily and in only the most demanding of apps and tasks does it start to lose some steam.

The software on the Motorola razr is also free of bloatware for the most part and is one of the reasons why this phone gets away with good performance despite the non-flagship chipset. The decision to not go with one was perhaps made to keep the heating issues at bay which could have been an issue with the form-factor that this phone sports.

128 GB of storage should also prove to be more than enough but the lack of an SD card slot limits the options. But then, OTG is always there. The one department where the phone could have done a little better is the battery. The backup offered by the 2510 mAh is on the blunt end of the spectrum and quite a bit of it is because of the brilliant display that sports a resolution of 2142×876… that is 21:9 Cinemavision for you!

So despite a couple of issues (most of which can be dealt with via a software update), the Motorola razr is one phone that you do not want to miss out on because it is still every bit the icon that it is made out to be… and icons almost never look the best out there on paper!



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