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A different kind of run to the work featuring Lectro Townmaster

A different kind of run to the work featuring Lectro Townmaster

Imagine waking up one day to a quiet morning. Standing in an open field with the sound of a cool, fresh breeze audible. Taking deep breaths without the coughing and the slight burning sensation in your throat. Looking up to a bright blue sky in the day and a black canvas studded with stars at night. It is sad to think that we have to imagine all of this despite Mother Earth willing to provide all of that to us. And if one really thinks about it, we still have a chance of experiencing all that and not just imagining it. Among the many ways to do it, Lectro Townmaster is one.

We do not need to be really explicit to convey the message that we have taken our home for granted for too long. The current predicament of the environment is a glaring example of the damage that we have done. Burning fossil fuels, polluting the water bodies, the damage to the ozone layer and so on… And then, nature hit back.

The COVID-19 pandemic that we are dealing with right now seems like a furious message from nature. And while the world finds itself in shambles trying to grapple with the disease, it has also brought us to stark realization that even if we just stop messing with nature, it can fix itself without any help from us, the so-called most advanced species on Earth.

Whatever it was that we were trying to imagine in the beginning, is more or less palpable nowadays. With the lockdowns in place to tackle the spread of the infection, nature has been healing itself slowly but surely. But what happens once the worldwide lockdowns are lifted? It’s back to the usual deal, except this time, we have learnt our lesson and we can work towards a change. And at an individual level, adopting greener (and healthier) options for commuting, we can at least not hinder nature’s job of fixing itself if we can’t help it.

With the Lectro Townmaster available on hand at the xBhp HQ, we decided to give it a go and by it, we refer to the alternative commuting. And those of you already concerned about the physical toll of bicycling, the Townmaster has a nifty trick up its sleeve. A high-speed brushless DC electric motor run by a 36V Li-ion 250W battery. More than enough to take away up to 80% of your pedalling strain.

In the usually busy capital of our great nation, the commuting on the Townmaster was a revelation. It induces a lot of words starting with a re. Rejuvenating, reinvigorating, revitalizing… and so on. It is so amazing that the answer we needed for the betterment of the planet and of our own self was there in the not too distant past. Bicycles… and the Townmaster is just what we need to get back to it by making it a tad easier on our unhealthy selves. And so, here’s the story of our little experiment, told from a first-person perspective so that the ‘I’ here can be replaced by ‘you’. And so, here it goes…

I woke up this morning, a tad earlier than usual to try something different… something new. The usual grind includes trying to wake up early, not being able to do that, rush through my morning routine and getting late, inevitably, I might add. That would be followed by having to pick between either the car or the motorcycle for the commute.  The former makes it a little more comfortable but being stuck in there for too long always gets my mood twisted the wrong way and the latter, while more enjoyable, has its own shortcomings, read discomforts, in the form of dealing with the heat and having the riding gear plonked on top. Not the best start to the day, I reckon.

But today, the car and the motorcycle were both still covered when I left for work. An airy helmet and my bag were the only things there to ‘bother’ me. Aboard my steed, the Lectro Townmaster, I pedalled away to work after a much happier and comfortable routine. While the lockdown may have reduced the number of people on the road, they are still people and so, they are all in a hurry. Honking away to their heart’s content and the person who did not park his car right. I, on the other hand, squeezed my Townmaster right through.

The amazing thing is that the less congested routes that I usually blasted through, are such beautiful places. And here, I never took notice. The leisurely pace I was moving with today, it gave me more time to drink in that beauty. With having beaten the congestion on the road, I had enough time on my hand to even take a detour which was not possible on either my motorcycle or my car.

Better yet, met a few friends too, man’s best friend(s). I make it a point to always stop and feed something to them whenever I get a chance but with the commute being handled by the bike or the car, I seldom get a chance. They seemed happy too with what I was doing. And I am sure that it wasn’t just their full bellies that made them seem happy…

Being an avid motorcyclist, my two-wheeled journey also started with a bicycle. I loved that ‘breeze-in-my-face’ feeling that gave me that sense of freedom. I did not realize when that breeze turned into visor-shutting windblast. Today, I felt that again. But then, we were all healthier back then. “You can be that way again…”, said the Townmaster with a smile. “Indeed”, I replied switching it into Pedalec mode.

Life instantly became easier. With the fatigue setting in and me just on the brink of starting to lose the sight of the beautiful morning, the Townmaster jumped in to save the day. As I inched closer to my workplace, traffic started to get a little denser and so, I just got off the bike, picked it up, put in on the footpath and I was on my way again. The ease with which I was able to deal with the traffic, in contrast to the days where I spent hours populating my ever-growing library of expletives, an epiphany struck me.

Approaching a slight ascent, I switched to ‘Twist n Go’ mode and as the Townmaster effortlessly made its way through the climb, I thought to myself, “What if 50% of the population gets to have a morning like this?” Serene and calm… Imagine the reduction in road-rage and the in-general improved mood of everyone. Working and dealing with people would become so much easier.

“We have spent so much time fighting each other and nature that we have forgotten that it’d be so much easier to just work together,” I wondered as I loaded the Townmaster in the lift and made my way up to the office. Click To Tweet

“We have spent so much time fighting each other and nature that we have forgotten that it’d be so much easier to just work together,” I wondered as I loaded the Townmaster in the lift and made my way up to the office. I put it away in the balcony upon reaching, a few wet-wipes here and there, a much more compact helmet goes on the table and voila, I was ready to go through another day at work. The only difference being, I felt like a much happier person. “Is that all the fix we need?”I asked myself as I stood on the balcony alongside the Townmaster. “Perhaps…”, it replied with a slight whirr of its electric motor.

And that, our friends, was a short story of a day of commute aboard the Lectro Townmaster… except, it was not a story. That is just how easy moving about town is on something like that. It is the revolutionary evolution we need to get more people into cycling. What better way to take away the laborious nature of riding a bicycle than a helping hand that lets you get there gradually… You can take our word on it that once you give it a try, it’s going to make it a lot harder to go back. Additionally, your body and the environment will be happier for it.

P.S. While you contemplate that, we are going to get ourselves some healthy snack courtesy the moolah we saved on today’s commute.

Also, if you’d like to know more about the Townmaster and get a technical lowdown of it alongside a proper review, click here.



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