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Life of a biker in lockdown and a message of faith

Life of a biker in lockdown and a message of faith

For a motorcyclist, motorcycling is the only way of life. And taking that away means taking away a huge chunk of their identity and existence. While that seemed like an outlandish thought a little while ago, we recently had to face that threat which came in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.

The predicament that we found ourselves in, and still do to some extent, took away almost everything that a motorcyclist holds dear; the freedom, the open roads, the wind in their faces, and above all, the sense of fulfillment derived from exploring new places.

We have always thought of motorcycling as a lifestyle and the reason for that is not only our love for motorcycles, but the bonds it helped us form with both, people and places, and the way it helps a person grow.

It has been difficult and there are no two ways about it. And so, CEAT and xBhp bring to you a message of faith in the form of this poem.

Once upon a time, not too long ago,
I traversed through the lands serene and divine.
When I and her were free to go places together,
before we found ourselves confined.

The time, when the memories were real,
and not just a union of paper and paint.
When the smell of the air changed with miles,
and the destinations were both; ordinary and quaint.

Just me, her, and her perfect shoes got to see,
forests, mountains, plains, and snow.
As the two of us soaked in every bit of that joy,
her shoes, never tired, made the lust for wandering grow.

Through the white of the snow and the dark of the ice,
through wilderness full of mud and slush,
through the twists and turns and ruts and bumps,
her shoes kept us safe as we enjoyed the rush.

Lost in thoughts made of colours and paper,
I realized that everything is destined to change.
What was didn’t last, and what is, won’t stay,
And we’ll be out there again, with these walls estranged.

So I walked towards her with hope and resolve,
to write symphonies again, with the world being our muse.
Like always, she didn’t express what she felt, but I knew she was ready…
when she tapped her perfect shoes.

Our poem starts with our rider reminiscing about the amazing rides that he went on in the past. As the pain of confinement starts to pour out on a blank piece of paper, the memories start to take shape with every stroke of the pencil. The forests, the mountains, the plains, the snow… it all comes together as our rider delves deeper into the sea of memories that he has made over the years.

Here’s the video of our message to the bikers:

Our rider and his motorcycle long for journeys that were even devoid of destination sometimes. He used to ride out into the unknown with nothing but utter faith in his motorcycle and her proverbial shoes, the CEAT tyres. Tyres that he trusted wholeheartedly and tyres with which no journey seemed out of reach regardless of how treacherous the conditions or the terrain were.

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Still lost in thoughts and limning away the days gone, he realizes something very important. Change is the only constant in life and no matter how horrifying this pandemic may seem, it holds no power in front of the almighty… Time. And in the end, faith is what gives him the power to walk to his beloved motorcycle and assure her that they’ll be out again soon. After all, the hope for a better tomorrow and the hope of being out there again is the faith that we all hold on to.

Our friends at Lets Ryde provided the motorcycle for this project. Go to www.letsryde.in to know more

All that said, we’d just like to tell everyone out there to hold on. While all may seem glum right now, one thing that we can be sure of is that tomorrow will be brighter and to get to see that and experience those sensations again, we must be safe today. And to do that, we must follow all the guidelines shared by the government, not only for the sake of our safety, but that of others as well.

Stay safe today to explore a better tomorrow.
-A message of faith for bikers, by bikers from CEAT and xBhp.



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