Pro League of Motorcycle Care

Pro League of Motorcycle Care

#LifeBeginsAt250 was all about upgrading. Upgrading your skill, upgrading your ranks, and upgrading your motorcycle. It was about how 250cc is the perfect starting point for serious motorcycling, for performance motorcycling. But evolution is not a one-dimensional process. It happens on multiple fronts and comes with its own implications. In this specific case, the implications of upgrading your motorcycle are upgrading yourself to better take care of it. This little piece that we are doing with Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE is meant to capture just that.

First, let us start with a little more elaborate explanation of why the need to take care of your motorcycle increases with the increase in displacement. The most obvious reason is the cost; both monetary and personal.

Bigger bikes are faster and therefore, more likely to cause some serious trouble for you in case something goes wrong. Bigger bikes are also pricier so in case something goes wrong, your wallet may also bear the brunt. How can one avoid that? Simple. Avoid something going wrong.

But how does a bigger engine imply the need for more care? It is an easy enough answer but the reasoning behind it is much more complex. To keep it simple, imagine a 100cc engine and a 250cc engine. The latter makes more power and torque because, well, it has more room to accommodate more boom (air-fuel mixture). But then, because of the inevitably longer stroke, the primary balance goes out of the window (in the case of single-cylinder engines) and so, more vibration which, in turn, results in a harsher engine and more wear and tear.

Next up, we have RPMs. Another factor that can contribute to more power. Let’s just imagine an engine spinning at 4,000 RPM and then one spinning at 8,000 RPM. The latter makes more power but higher RPMs mean more wear and tear. Finally, another factor that can significantly affect power and torque output is the compression ratio.

In simple words, the compression ratio is the extent to which the cylinder compresses the air-fuel mixture before igniting it. More means more power but also, more stress on the engine components because hey, you compress it and set it on fire, it is bound to fight back!

Those are the major factors that come into play when you ‘upgrade your motorcycle’. All the motorcycles from 250ccProLeague that starred in #LifeBeginsAt250 were sporting a 250cc single-cylinder engine that revs up to 9,000 rpm, have a longer stroke than the motorcycle you are upgrading from (there’s only so much you can do with the bore alone), and also, significantly higher compression ratios. Now, an increment in one of those factors can result in the engine being more stressed. Imagine upstaging all three!

That, our friends, is where you come in… and your choice of engine oil, of course. Engine oil has a lot of work to do. Lubrication is just one aspect of it. Engine oil is not an omnipotent being. While lubrication is one of its primary jobs, it has to do that while withstanding, heat, pressure, and climate. The last one is the tricky bit but imagine a cold start.

The engine oil has to be at the ready all the time. In case of cold starts, due to the drop in temperature, the engine oil may get thicker than you want it to be and not flow through the engine properly. And those few minutes of it not flowing properly can deal a lot of damage. Then there’s cooling (yes, it drives away heat from the parts that do not have the luxury of active cooling).

So, what do you do? If you ask us, a good engine oil alone and just a little more care can alleviate all of that. Little care as in warming up the engine before running amok with your motorcycle, keeping the chain lubed so that that power is transmitted to the rear wheels efficiently and power-loss is reduced, and running the recommended tyre pressure to reduce drag and, in turn, the stress on the engine. Stuff like that.

When it comes to engine oil, contrary to popular opinions and practices, there are a lot of things to consider. The right viscosity is one thing, the quality and the manufacturing is something else entirely. We have ridden a plethora of motorcycles over the years and our trusted partner has always been Castrol POWER1. It is simply superior. And now, we have Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE, the evolution of the famed Castrol POWER1 line. Remember what we said about evolution being multidimensional.

So, let’s talk about Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE. Fully-synthetic? Check. Available in a wide range of viscosities? Check. Meeting or exceeding industry standards? Check. But the real deal is its 5-in-1 formula. In essence, it works on improving your motorcycle’s performance on 5 key fronts namely; acceleration, protection, endurance, smoothness, and cooling.

With its advanced formulation which comes as a result of Castrol’s years of experience (which includes MotoGP, the pinnacle of motorcycle racing carried out on motorcycles that possess the pinnacle of performance), it takes care of everything that matters when it comes to a motorcycle’s engine.

Let’s dive a little deeper in regards to all of those aspects. First up, acceleration. If your motorcycle doesn’t get your heart racing when you wring that throttle, it is not doing it right. That may be because of the innards of the engine not being able to move as freely as they’d like to. So, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE optimizes the friction between those moving parts which results in the engine being able to rev more freely and you get what we call ULTIMATE acceleration.

Next up, protection. Now lubrication is what protects the engine from internal wear and tear of the moving parts and in order to be able to do that efficiently, the engine oil must be able to flow through the engine freely and quickly.

Too much heat and the oil may be less viscous than what the engine needs which may result in damage. Too cold and the oil may be too thick to move around freely to do its job which is lubrication. Again, damage. Castrol POWER1 with its superior formulation and wide range of viscosities works in a stellar manner to avoid just that and provides what we call ULTIMATE protection.

The third factor, endurance. Endurance means consistent performance regardless of the distance covered in both; one ride and many that accumulate over time. You need to know how your motorcycle reacts. If the performance of the engine is not consistent, it gets difficult for the rider to do that. Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE with its superior formulation does not break down under stress and heat and ensures optimal viscosity to provide you with ULTIMATE endurance.

Smooth riding is the fourth factor. It is simple enough to understand that optimized friction and optimal viscosity resulting in a good flow, reduce the stress on the engine and once that happens, the engine invariably feels smoother. All of these factors are related closely but our fifth factor, cooling, relates to the fourth one more closely.

Heat causes expansion and, in an engine, where the minutest of dimensional changes count, thermal expansion simply cannot bode well. By driving the heat away from components that are not actively cooled, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE ensures that the overall temperature of the engine is cooler thus mitigating thermal expansion which, invariably, aids smoothness.

So, if you are ready to take the next step to be a serious rider and if you are ready to get yourself a motorcycle that will let you do that, make sure that you are ready to step up to the task of taking better care of your motorcycle. And with Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE you can turn that step into a leap… and apparently it aids wordplay too!

With a variety of viscosities available, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE equips you to kickstart your ‘Pro’ journey in an epic manner. Click here to check out the complete range.



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