Proudly Indian: The xBhp Print Magazine

xBhp was born digital in 2003. It was, in effect, the first social media network in India for motorcycle enthusiasts. In 2010, we decided to go offline by having our own print magazine. It was a bold move. With such a small core team, but with the support of thousands of community members and of course the companies who supported us, we decided to take the plunge especially in an era where print media was supposedly dying. But we knew that in the coming years and beyond, the print will hold even more value than ever before. We stuck to our ethos of having high-quality paper and printing. We are proud to uphold our tenet of “I, the Biker | we the Power” in as many places as we can. We always try and put the biker before the bike.

So far we have printed approximately 10,000 pages over 10 years. From the xBhp community meets to majestic rides by bikers around India. From the young upcoming champions to the veterans. From zero bhp to the world’s fastest bikes and everything in between. The xBhp print magazine is not only a product of India, but it is a product of passion and love of the motorcycling community of India.

The latest issue of the magazine has over a hundred and fifty bikers who took the baton and did the first virtual roadtrip ever, thanks to the pandemic. It was called the #xBhpEkSaath Tour of India, to celebrate 17 years of xBhp. Inside you will find select quotes from all of them.

And not only that, but you will also find the evolution of the xBhp Headquarters which so many people have come to love. And our own garage.

Please do support us by buying an Indian made product, completely thought of in India, completely made by Indians.

You can buy the latest issue online from here:



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