Ride free song | The Biker’s Anthem ft. Yamaha FZ-X

Ride free song | The Biker’s Anthem ft. Yamaha FZ-X

Sometimes I wonder, what got me into motorcycling. And whenever such a question arises, I ride out and all my questions are answered. There is so much that one must do, and one aspires to do. While we all do what we can, sometimes the weight becomes a bit too much to carry and the shackles become too tight. Sometimes, all you want to do is flee. And that is where motorcycling comes in. In every sense of the word, it sets you free. Quite a rhyme, eh? 

So, after a week filled with hustles, I was looking forward to a weekend to experience the freedom that comes standard with motorcycling. On the day of the ride, I woke up before sunrise, geared up, and rushed to my garage. As soon as I pulled the cover off, there it was, the FZ-X, I could not wait to be out on the roads and live that feeling of just being with myself, my motorcycle, and the endless road. The FZ-X is a unique-looking motorcycle, with the three sleek DRLs crowning the bi-LED projector headlamp, and a large fuel tank. It’s got a striking blend of modern and retro; that is not an easy trick to pull off.

I thumbed the starter, and the Neo-Retro motorcycle came to life with a nice bassy growl, which I also fancy a lot about this motorcycle. Saddling up, the FZ-X felt very comfortable. The bars were also easy to reach, and the tank was chunky enough to hold on to. With all that, it was time to head out, the destination being Aravali hills where I could experience the FZ-X in all its glory. 

Being out on familiar roads while the city still slept was quite a different experience. It felt like the roads usually laden with vehicles had been set free as well. As the miles went by, the smile I had on my face turned into a grin that kept getting wider. One of the prominent reasons for that was the FZ-X itself.

Here’s a musical ode to the feeling of riding free:

The FZ-X is one of the most proficient motorcycles I have ridden when it comes to road manners. In addition to the refinement, it is also the power delivery that instils a great deal of confidence in the rider. Predictable and pronounced; with every twist of the throttle, you know exactly what the FZ-X is up to and what it is going to do. Then there’s the beautiful chassis complemented by a well-balanced suspension setup, that truly makes the FZ-X a motorcycle you ride on and on. 

With the FZ-X, the only limiting factor was my imagination and in that sense, it proved to be the perfect partner that truly set me free. With ample power, ample torque, and more than that, the FZ-X felt buttery smooth and refined. It cruised around in the city easily, it dealt with bad roads comfortably, and when given a chance to stretch its legs a bit, all I had to do was, open the taps! 

With the city behind me, the Aravali Hills are what I looked forward to the most. Because that is where the wind feels a bit different, the landscape is more welcoming, the road is more special and the ride, well, the ride is something else entirely. 

Tackling the climbs, the descents, and soaking in the vistas is always a special experience for motorcyclists. In terrains like these, you just need to listen to your motorcycle, talk to it, feel it, and the journey becomes a memorable experience. With its impressive handling, the FZ-X added another dimension to the whole experience. It is incredible how adept and natural the FZ-X feels through the twisties. There’s never a dull moment riding in the hills with a machine like this. But equally impressive is the fact that there is never an unwarranted surprise either even when you push the FZ-X a little hard. I thoroughly enjoyed how positive and communicative the FZ-X felt throughout my time in the twisties. 

And just like that, I was almost at the chai shop at the foothills. Throughout the journey, I could feel my worries dissipate. Every metre, every corner, and every gleeful rev-bomb was like a hammer to the shackles that held me captive throughout the week. It was a feeling akin to the one that a weary traveller experiences when he puts down his bags and just lies down in the shade for a while. 

I guess now you know how motorcycles set me free whenever I am out with one. If not, imagine this; a motorcycle to admire, a mesmerizing view of the sun sitting fresh in the sky, a cool breeze, and a warm cup of tea. Bliss, isn’t it? Nearly everything that a rider can ask for. To others, it might seem like a normal ride to a distant location. But for us motorcyclists, this is the elixir we crave.

Generally, the ride back to your life after experiencing something like that is difficult. But for me, it was not, and the reason is simple; I had the next weekend to look forward to. Another road, more hills, more sun, more breeze, and of course, more chai. And if I could do it with the FZ-X, that’ll be the icing on the cake. Man, the life of a motorcyclist is a life worth living!



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