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Road to Intermot : Driver Vs Rider : BMW M6 Couple & BMW F800 GS

Road to Intermot : Driver Vs Rider : BMW M6 Couple & BMW F800 GS

When you have to go to one of the world’s largest motorcycle expos you think twice before arriving there in a bus or a taxi. INTERMOT happens every two years. In 2014, we rode there on a K1600GTL Exclusive Edition, packed with xBhp magazines to give to some of the hundreds of riding gear and accessory manufacturers there. This is the story of our ride to Intermot in 2016 when took a BMW M6 Coupe (what a car!) and a BMW F800GS.

Text & Photos: Sundeep Gajjar/motoGrapher

The ritual is to do a 2000 km odd roadtrip through the Alps and arrive in the city of Cologne over the Rhine River with the skyline dominated by the amazing 13th-century cathedral.

The grand orange 2016 BMW M6 Coupe with 550 odd Bhp of power out of its 4.4L V8 was enough to propel us around the hairpin bends of the Stelvio to the autobahns of Germany. Though it is not exactly like the Triumph Daytona, but more of a Suzuki Hayabusa – very fast and a mile muncher. The 500 plus Bhp was also not really easy to control, especially on cold country roads and the wet autobahn. But of course, the three black lines across the white circle were always welcome (they mean ‘no speed limit’!).
Though you don’t need it much on the autobahn, the car has launch control, which would make even an average driver feel on par with a drag racer! The handling of the M6 belies its bulk and was easy to throw around, till a point though, beyond which you are reminded that you are hauling quite the hulk! The machine sounds good, handles well, is powerful enough to slake your power-lust and is comfortable to boot. An ideal companion for our journey.

On the other hand, the BMW F800 GS Adventure was light and handy, though not really meant for high speeds on the autobahn, definitely not with the panniers. The 800 is a much easier bike to handle than the bigger adventure bikes from the German manufacturer, but the highlight of this bike has to be the ergonomics. The bike is super comfortable to ride, and it would feel at home going around the corner to the grocery store as it would in riding across the country and it is supposedly quite a capable machine off-road as well. The only place where it struggles a bit is on high-speed stretches like what we experienced on the autobahn. One issue that we faced with such a big car was finding a place where we can park it and take pictures. In contrast, bikes are so easy.

On the cards was the Stelvio Pass and roads around Innsbruck which were a delight to navigate in these two wonderful engineering marvels topping with a 700 km run from Innsbruck to Cologne on the German Autobahns. But as luck would have it, it was 700 km of rain. No problem for the super stable four-wheeled M6 Coupe, big problem for the F800 with Manan Chaturvedi negotiating the wet tarmac in the slow lane as cars zipped past him at speeds in excess of 200!

And here’s the xBhp stall at the Intermot, which was our final destination for this ride!

We were enjoying our week of driving after riding 12,000 km across Canada just a week ago. We practically circumnavigated the entire globe from Delhi to Boston in a flight and then from there across Canada on an Mv Agusta for 11,000 km and down to Seattle from where we took a flight to Munich and then drove to Cologne. All nonstop.
So when we finally arrived in Cologne, it was a straightforward job to set up the xBhp stall there (our first one out of India, and that too at INTERMOT!). And in case you want to know what all bikes were launched at showcased at the Intermot 2016, please visit here





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