Brace for Impact! Rynox Stealth Evo and Axor Apex Grid

Brace for Impact! Rynox Stealth Evo and Axor Apex Grid

Motorcycles are certainly not the safest vehicles on the road. While taking care of certain things, safe riding techniques, and following the traffic rules does prevent mishaps to some extent, they certainly do not alleviate it. An accident may occur because of someone else’s mistake, but it always occurs on the rider’s peril. And that is why full riding gear is very important whenever one is out on the roads with their motorcycle. 

While the choice of riding gear is mostly personal, many a time, it depends on the specifics of the ride i.e. location, climate, terrain, etc. As our community members know, we are gearing up to take up one of our biggest rides yet, The Great Asian Odyssey, on 3 Bajaj Dominars. We will be covering 11 countries and more than 15,000 km! So when it came to selecting the riding gear for this ginormous ride, we settled on the Stealth Evo from Rynox.

Rynox Stealth Evo Jacket

In this particular ride, we are going to be riding through varying climates and terrain. And the Rynox Stealth Evo feels like it was tailor-made for us and this ride. The jacket has everything that a rider can ask for. Safety, comfort, and protection from the elements

Talking about safety, since it is the most important aspect, the Stealth Evo jacket has KNOX Microlock CE Level 2 certified impact protection for shoulders and elbows. The jacket also has CE Level 2 certified back protection and Rynox Cerros CE Level 1 certified chest protectors. With the above and abrasion protection being provided by the 600D PU coated Polyester outer shell and Cordura panels on abrasion zones, the jacket provides comprehensive protection in the event of a crash. Rynox has also equipped the jacket with retro-reflective panels on the back, front, and side which ensures that the rider is visible when they are out munching miles at night! 

Coming to the comfort aspect, the Stealth Evo jacket has strategically placed vents to encourage airflow and keep the rider cool when they are in a Mercury Rising situation. The winter liner (internal) ensures that the rider gets the much-craved warmth when the climate is cold and harsh. What if it rains? Go forth and keep riding while the rain liner (external) makes sure that things are dry and comfortable. 

The Rynox Stealth Evo jacket comes with girth adjusters on the waist, arms, and cuffs for that perfect fit. Add 4 pockets + 2 more fleece-lined ones (hand warmers… this is not a jacket, this is sorcery). It seems like that, even more, when you get to know that the jacket even has a belt of sorts supplied with it as Lumbar Support, to facilitate your back on those long rides.

 This jacket is available in 2 colour-schemes Black (for the Dark Knights among us) and Grey (for the… or maybe not). Great looks, amazing comfort, and even better safety make this jacket one of the best that you can get your hands when it comes to touring. 


Rynox Stealth Evo Pants

Riding gear is not complete without the bottom part of it, the pants. While a lot of people can find reinforced jeans for riding and such, but they can never compare to Stealth Evo Pants whether it’s comfort or safety. Even if someone may have an argument against the above-stated, we are not riding 15,000 km, in jeans, in the heat… or cold and especially not the wet spells. God knows we have grown past diapers and there’s still some time left till we need them again! 

Coming back to the Stealth Evo pants, the rider’s safety is ensured by KNOX Microlock CE Level 1 Hip and Knee+leg protectors. The pants come with KneeSlap from Rynox, an armour positioning mechanism that lets you adjust the position of the Knee+Leg armour even when you are wearing the pants. 600D PU coated polyester outer shell and Cordura panels take care of abrasion protection. 

Coming to comfort, the pants feature 4 vents to keep things cool down-undah and accordion stretch panels that make sure that the movements of the rider are not hindered. The winter liner (internal) makes sure that the cold spells are dealt with less shivering and more riding while the rain liner (external) alleviates the need of other means to stay dry. 

Retro-reflective panels for visibility at night, girth adjusters on the waist and hem, and 2 pockets (CARGO IS IMPORTANT!) make these pants feel like they were meant for you as you keep racking up those kilometres. Also, both the Stealth Evo jacket and the Stealth Evo pants have connection zippers so that you can join the two together and make a perfect riding suit out of it. We’ll bring to you a full review of this awesome pair from Rynox once we are back from The Great Asian Odyssey!

A big thanks to Zana Motorcycles for decking up our Dominar so that we can carry our world on our bikes and also for providing us with the location for this shoot!

Axor Apex Grid Helmet

The most important part of the body is the head… arguably at least (Spartans exempted). Therefore, for a motorcyclist, a helmet is extremely important. A helmet’s duty is to keep a rider safe from an injury to the head but, isn’t it an added bonus when the helmet, in addition to being safe and secure, is comfortable too? It sure is and Apex grid, by Axor, is just that. 

Axor helmets have been gaining a lot of popularity because of a lineup of the amazing helmets that they make. This is about one of those helmets, the Apex Grid

Safety comes first and foremost and the Axor Apex Grid has got it covered. The helmet’s exterior, manufactured with IMPS( Injection-molded polycarbonate shell), makes sure that the helmet is as sturdy as they come. The EPS liner or high-grade styrofoam is meant to absorb the energy from the point of impact and keep the rider safe. The helmet is labelled ECE R-22.05(Europe) & DOT FMVSS NO.218(US) safety standards which means that the helmet lives up to even the most stringent safety standards set by the industry. 

Visibility is another important aspect and the Apex Grid aims to impart as much of it as possible to the rider’s eyes. Equipped with AX-F180 universal anti-fog visor insert, the Apex Grid will help you keep the visor fog-free even if Kung-Fu-Panda wore it after climbing some stairs… or maybe just a few steps. To keep fog at bay all time, Axor has equipped this helmet with a two-sided anti-fog function which provides high transparency and fewer rainbow patterns. The breath deflector and chin curtain are included as well to maximize the efficiency of the anti-fog system. 

Apart from all the great qualities and features of the helmets that we discussed above, comfort is another one of its stellar aspects. A lot of it comes down to ventilation. The helmet has 2 intake vents on the top and two exit vents at the back. And the vents have been equipped with mesh-type filters to keep dust and other things at bay and cool the rider’s head with fresh air. In addition to that, there’s a spoiler as well which, added to the aerodynamic profile of the helmet, ensure stability at high speed and minimizes the buffeting. 



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