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Saving the world… One mask at a time

Saving the world… One mask at a time

A medically approved mask is a big tool in fighting #COVID19 or #CoronaVirus as it is popularly known. Our governments and other civic agencies have been reminding people again and again on the importance of using a mask to cover their face. Unfortunately, this has also led to a situation of panic buying of masks and there are also reports of black marketing of masks in the country!

Here are some pointers from WHO on the proper usage of a mask to fight the Corona Virus:


And while we are at it, we also thought what if these medical masks and also motorcycle helmets were as cool as the ones that we have in our collection at the xBhp Community HQ. Probably we would have more people wearing them, and also adopting proper do’s and dont’s of wearing a mask.

Let us also take this opportunity to thank all the riding gear manufacturers like Rynox Gears for keeping us, the motorcyclists, safe!



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