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xBhp’s COVID-19 Taskforce assembled at the community HQ

xBhp’s COVID-19 Taskforce assembled at the community HQ

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus has become a global pandemic. While things like these have happened before, one is forced to think about all the advancements that have made. Healthcare and medical science have come such a long way and yet, something like this just shows up one day threatens to wipe us out.

It is truly amazing (and scary too) that such a small thing possesses the capability to throw an entire advanced and so-called intelligent species into disarray. With worldwide lockdowns and economies in shambles, nature (we hope it is nature) has its way of showing us who’s the boss.

But as we sit at home and have some time to ourselves, we thought, why not assemble a task force of sorts that unites from different worlds to fight against this… on two wheels, of course. And so, a small, one-hour project last week led to this. Everything that we have shot here is out of our collection at the xBhp HQ in Delhi.

Isn’t it interesting that even these supreme beings wear masks, albeit, of different kinds? We recommend that you do the same and stay safe.



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