Big-time success for Team #xBhpRacing at the #FestivalOfSpeed 2019 

Big-time success for Team #xBhpRacing at the #FestivalOfSpeed 2019 

After a fantastic outing at the 2018 JK Tyre National Racing Championship with 2 podiums in the 600cc class, Team #xBhpRacing enjoyed major success at the 2019 edition of the championship, better known as the #Festival of Speed.

Gurvinder Singh won the 600cc championship for the team by the win in the Race 1 and the 2nd place in Race 2. Simran King also showed a lot of grit and determination fighting more powerful motorcycles on the track and still finishing in a very respectable 3rd place in both the races and therefore, the 1000cc championship. Kalyani Potekar also pushed her Street Triple 675 to the maximum and showed improvement from a 12th place finish in Race 1 and then 11th place in Race 2. 

We’d like to thank everyone who wished us success and being a part of the #xBhpFamily.

During the races at the #FestivalOfSpeed, Simran King was protected by RS Taichi.

Simran King raced to a brilliant 3rd place in the 1,000cc class riding on tyres from Pirelli.

A big thanks to Castrol POWER1 for being the Ultimate Acceleration partner of Team #xBhpRacing.

And here’s the story of how Team #xBhpRacing came to be! 

We, at xBhp, have always been known for our roadtrips on motorcycles. Right from the conceptualization phase of xBhp, motorcycles, travelling, and community have been the focus. Talking about motorcycles, we have ridden some of the best two-wheelers ever made on this planet. Talking about travelling, we have covered more than 55 countries to date and continue to increase the tally. Talking about community, well, the motorcycling brotherhood, if needed to be called by another name, it could very well be xBhp.

Right from 2005, when we took a Honda Fireblade around India, to 2017 when we rode 20,000 km on Australia on a Ducati Panigale 1299 and a Kawasaki Ninja H2 (souped-up to 280 bhp), we have used these focussed machines for touring. Some of the best machines across some of the most beautiful landscapes that this planet has to offer, and sharing it with the bikers at home in the form of photos and videos, that’s what we’ve been doing and will continue to do.

visit to know more about this ride.

It is not that we have not toured on motorcycles meant for touring, it is just that doing so on motorcycles meant for the racetrack has its own thrill. But being motorcycle lovers, we were aware the ‘chicken was gonna come home to roost’ someday. And it did… Last year, we decided to take these focussed machines to the place where they are their happiest, the racetrack. And this forms the basis for the formation of Team #xBhpRacing.

We were primed up and ready for our maiden outing on the racetrack in the JK Tyre National Racing Championship Superbike Cup, at the Buddh International Circuit. It took place from November 16, 2018 to November 18, 2018.

Here’s the #xBhpRacing bike 


Despite 2018 being the debut year for Team #xBhpRacing, the results were more than what we expected and a lot of the credit goes to our riders. We found 2 super talented and super fast guys to race for Team #xBhpRacing. These 2 guys, Monty Singh & Aakash Rajshakha, are seasoned campaigners and had already won podiums in the earlier iterations of JK Tyre Championship. Monty raced for us in the 600cc class and Aakash raced for us in the 1000cc class.

A highly-competitive qualifying saw our rider Monty qualify at P2 whereas Aakash qualified on P8. In Race 1, Monty Singh showed great consistency and after a short back and forth with a rider, he finished on the 2nd step of the podium getting Team #xBhpRacing its first podium in its debut outing. Aakash, who qualified on P8, gained two positions and finished Race 1 in 6th place in a hotly-contested 1000cc class.

In JK Tyre National Racing Championship, the grid positions for Race 2 are based on the Race 1 finish. So, Monty Singh, who started from P2, finished in 2nd place securing a double podium for Team #xBhpRacing. Aakash, who started from P6, showed great defensive skills throughout the race and finished in 6th place.

In addition to the members of our own racing team, We also talked to a lot of other racers who were participating or have participated in the JK Championship. Click here if you want to know more about them. And like every event of JK Tyre, this one too was packed with entertainment on top of racing. From drifting cars to superbikes on one wheel, it was all there. 

We could not have asked for a better maiden outing for Team #xBhpRacing as we scored 2 podiums. It was a dream run for us, a dream which could not have been achieved without the unwavering support from Castrol POWER1. While they enabled us to form a team, the Castrol POWER1 RACING engine oil enabled our riders to push their motorcycles to the limit… and then some.

Things have a way of happening and we never really thought of participating in a race, much less having our own team. But the first brush with the racetrack only left us craving for more. Right after the conclusion of the 2018 Season of JK Tyre National Racing Championship, we had started planning for our next outing. 

JK Tyre National Racing Championship Superbike Cup came back in the form of #FestivalOfSpeed and it took place at the Buddh International Circuit from the 28th of November, 2019 to the 1st of December, 2019.

And predictably, we were also ready to leave our mark in this year’s edition of one of the country’s most prestigious racing championships. This time around, we had Kalyani Potekar and Gurvinder Singh Matharu racing for us in the 600cc class and Simran King in the 1000cc class. Kalyani rode her tried and tested Triumph Street Triple RS and Gurvinder looked to extract the most out of his new Kawasaki ZX-6R. Simran King raced aboard his Suzuki GSX-R1000R this year.

We would like to thank Castrol POWER1 RACING for partnering with Team#xBhpRacing again and promising to keep the motorcycles of our riders protected and providing them Superior Acceleration… god knows we need that in a competition this stiff! 

While we are hard at work with the preparations, our racers are also belting out some simmering laps around the BIC and why not, there is nothing more important than practice when it comes to racing.



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