The making of #xBhpDominarMotoSapien

The making of #xBhpDominarMotoSapien

We, at xBhp, have been around motorcycles and motorcyclists for as long as we can remember. And one thing that we have noticed is that motorcyclists… talk to their motorcycles. To them, they are not mere machines or tools. To them, they are sentient beings. Now, that might not be something to be taken literally. It is just a means of expression.

And despite that, we take that very seriously. So we decided to give a persona to the said ‘means of expression’. But for this unique endeavour, we needed help… special help.


This help came in the form of Mr Deepak Bansal, also known as the ModelArtician. He is a well-renowned artist who has given shape, a phenomenal one, to many a thoughts and ideas making them… tangible. When we presented the idea to him, his excitement was a dead giveaway that he was onto something. And that ‘something’ is what we call- MotoSapien.


The MotoSapien is a life-sized (more than that actually) statue of a robotic creature (very Transformers like) which was entirely made up of actual Bajaj Dominar 400 parts – 1600 parts to be precise. We unveiled the MotoSapien at the flag-off of the #xBhpDominarGreatAsianOdyssey and the cheer from the crowd cemented the fact that this was something special!

From when we invited Deepak Bansal aka ModelArtician to the xBhp HQ in order to share our idea with him and tell him exactly what we wanted to do

Here’s some more of the MotoSapien and this time, the location is the top-secret facility of ModelArtician…

Looks like motorcycle gore fest with those innards lying around

Aww SNAP!’ Something broken… Something made…

Sparks flying already and the MotoSapien isn’t even ready yet

Playing with the strings of the heart… a cold one

A modified exoskeleton with hydraulic-actuated pumps and integrated deep learning… Not really. Just parts of the airbox to mimic shoulder blades and upper back.

We always thought that the front fascia of the Bajaj Dominar was meant for something ‘more’ and this… is ‘more’.

Knee pucks that will never be ground into nothingness

No Jordans or Air Boosts needed here… Our MotoSapien has got that covered… with Nitrox!

Making sure that this ‘Achilles’ of ours does not have a weak ‘heel’

And that’s a genius hard at work, shaping our dream into life-sized reality

That’s the MotoSapien ready to see the light of the day

Forearms stronger than Popeye and that too without the ‘spinach’

xBhp’s version of Palladium Mini-Arc Reactor Mark II

Motorcycles only shine their lights on the worthy… No less than Mjölnir

If it’s a Transformer, that’s the Skyboom Shield!

The ‘brain’ with 40 Ps of power… glad they are controlled by ‘educated wrists’

We had Mr Pankaj Dubey, Country Head & Managing Director, Polaris India, to unveil the #xBhpDominarMotoSapien at the flag-off of #xBhpDominarGreatAsianOdyssey

And that is #xBhpDominarMotoSapien making its first public appearance

Appreciating the handiwork of ModelArtician

The ‘source of the idea’ and the ‘hands of execution’ alongside the end result… #xBhpDominarMotoSapien

And here is a 360° view of the #xBhpDominarMotoSapien at the flag-off of #xBhpDominarGreatAsianOdyssey

Deepak Bansal, better known as ModelArtician, was the man behind this project of ours. We were mighty impressed by the Dominar and as many say, motorcycles are the extension of the rider… Post that we could only think of one word; amalgamation. So, we went looking for someone who could pull this off. In comes Deepak Bansal… smart people just keep looking for new challenges. We told him what we wanted and he got to work. Surprisingly, the end result was something we never expected. The MotoSapien turned out to be bigger, better, and grander than we could ever imagine and all that, because of one man… the ModelArtician.

You can read and see more of #xBhpDominarMotoSapien in the latest issue of the xBhp Magazine which you can order from below. 



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