The #xBhpUltimatePowerDuo: #MindNinja and #SoulRocket

The #xBhpUltimatePowerDuo: #MindNinja and #SoulRocket

Motorcycling was the reason why xBhp was born. Ever since xBhp’s inception, we have always lived by i, The Biker | We, the power and have always put the motorcyclist above the motorcycle. That is because it is the person and their skill that matters the most. But without the right tools, their skill is rendered useless.

You see the thing about skill is that it is palpable from the point of view of an onlooker. You ask the person themselves and you’ll always find that they find their tools in very high regard… the tools of their trade. In case of a motorcyclist, the only tool is a motorcycle. And so, it is imperative that they take good care of it.

Motorcycles are complex machines made of hundreds of moving parts. Moving parts that move faster as the performance increases and the stakes get higher. From the simple motorized bicycles from where it all started to the near 300 bhp MotoGP missiles, what has remained the same is the care that they need. Inevitably, the most important and the most vulnerable part of a motorcycle is its heart- the engine.

At xBhp, we have ridden millions of kilometres around the world. Different terrains, different climate, different conditions, and so many variables. One thing that has remained constant is our trust in Castrol POWER1. And the mark of a great manufacturer is that they never stop innovating. They never stop making their products better. And that very pursuit has led Castrol, and us, to Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE.

Before we start the discussion of what Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE is and how it does what it does, we’d like to touch on a sort of a happy coincidence. When xBhp started out, we started with Bajaj Pulsar 180 and then Hero (Honda) Karizma. Castrol POWER1 was with us. Then we got the Blackbird and went around India on a Fireblade. Castrol POWER1 was with us.

Then, around Australia on a Ninja H2 and Panigale 1299. Castrol POWER1 was with us. Establishment of Team #xBhpRacing. Castrol POWER1 was with us. Most recently, we went around 11 countries on 3 Bajaj Dominars. And again, Castrol POWER1 was with us. In most of xBhp’s resounding achievements and accomplishments, Castrol POWER1 has been there. Now, the coincidence. We recently added a Kawasaki Ninja H2 and a Triumph Rocket 3 R to the xBhp garage, two motorcycles that (for the foreseeable future) are more or less the definition of ULTIMATE. Just like two unrelated incidents that fit each other like two pieces of jigsaw is the definition of coincidence.

It is because of this happy coincidence that we have finally been able to put together the perfect amalgamation of engineering (machines) and liquid engineering (engine oil). On one hand, we have the world’s fastest street-legal production motorcycle and on the other, the world’s largest capacity production motorcycle. And these two, #MindNinja and #SoulRocket, with Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE, form what we call the xBhp Ultimate Power Duo.

So, we move on to the crucial part now. Dealing with a high-revving litre-class 4-cylinder engine is a tall task in itself. Adding a supercharger to it adds a whole ‘nother dimension of complexity. This was one of our concerns during PowerTrip360 where on some days, we covered more than 1,000 km in a day. And then the climate…

But Castrol POWER1 does what it does the best. Our Ninja H2 went the distance without breaking a sweat and without any compromises on the performance. With the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE, it is even better. We used the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W40 which with its 5-in-1 formula and full-synthetic technology makes sure the Ninja H2 can do what it does best, enthral us, and keep doing it day in and day out.

Moving on to the Rocket 3 R. That is a different kind of a beast. 3-cylinders displacing 2,458cc. Yes, that is 2.5 litres of displacement… more than most cars. Now, the Rocket 3 R was designed to be a muscle roadster and muscle it has in spades. We are talking about 165 bhp of power and a gut-wrenching 221 Nm of torque.

Let us talk about the Ninja H2 first. A 998cc inline-4 engine? That’s a lot of power. Maximum power at 11,500 rpm and maximum torque at 11,000 rpm? That is a lot of revs. But it is somewhat manageable since science and technology have come a long way and litre-class motorcycles have seen a development cycle of a few decades.

Add forced induction to it and it is a whole different ball game. An engine needs to burn more fuel to make more power and to burn more fuel it needs more air. That is what the Ninja H2’s famous supercharger does. It forces more air in the combustion chamber to burn more fuel to give you a power boost. A very, very strong boost that propels the Ninja H2 to insane speeds.

Now, the world is and has always been about trade-offs. Yes, a supercharger gives the Ninja H2 a massive boost. And yes, it does come at a cost. Those who are well-versed with forced induction (superchargers and turbos) know that these little suckers are usually seen with their own support staff in the form of intercoolers. Why? Because they run really, really hot.

While adding a supercharger to a litre-class inline-4 did give the H2 a massive boost, an accompanying intercooler would not have been very practical in the case of a motorcycle. The result? Well, the H2 is a fantastically engineered motorcycle and the need for an intercooler was eliminated. But not completely.

The extremity of this engine does not only show itself with the displacement. The bore x stroke ratio of the Ninja H2 is 76.0 mm x 55.0 mm. And the Ninja H2 has no lack of earth-shattering power. But, hold on to your seats, the Rocket 3 R’s bore x stroke sits at 110.2 mm x 85.9 mm. The bigger the stroke, the more the torque. But 85.9 mm of stroke? 221 Nm of torque? That is extreme.

So, the USP of the Rocket 3 R is the torque. 221 Nm is good on paper but what is the tangible measure of this much torque. Let us tell you. The Rocket 3 R can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. And it weighs 291 kg. Dry. Another feat that it achieves comes in terms of the revs. The reason why cruisers do not rev high is that they have really long strokes which lends them their torquey characteristics. More revs with strokes like that would lead to imbalance and therefore vibrations. So much so that it’d render them impractical.

The same goes for the Rocket 3 R except… it doesn’t. The peak power arrives at 6,000 rpm and it can rev up to 7,000 rpm which is a monumental number! So, the Rocket 3 R is no less an engineering marvel than the Ninja H2. But again, all of the performance comes at a price. The stress on the engine is immense and the goal is to stress it as much it can be, extract as much performance as possible and yet, leave the rider out of it.

That is why the Rocket 3 R’s recommended engine oil is Castrol POWER1. So, one of the key ingredients of the special sauce that makes the Rocket 3 R so special is Castrol POWER1. For our Rocket 3 R, we went with Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 15W50 which also comes with full-synthetic technology and a 5-in-1 formula.

Now, we have talked about how we have used Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE for our two super (literally) bikes and here’s the why of it. When we talk about extreme and top of the line engines like the ones on the Ninja H2 and the Rocket 3 R, you want nothing but the best.

First of all, full-synthetic technology. When it comes to high-performance engines, mineral oils cannot hold their own simply because of the supreme demands and tough conditions. Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE is fully-synthetic engine oil that is engineered to perfection so that it not only suits but thrives in engines like the ones on the Ninja H2 and the Rocket 3 R.

We have also mentioned the 5-in-1 formula of the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE. Basically, this engine oil focusses on 5 aspects which make it the best engine oil for motorcycles like these. The first one, and perhaps the most exciting one is the acceleration. Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE promises excellent acceleration right from the get-go by optimizing friction between the moving parts in an efficient manner. It keeps your motorcycle’s engine ready to respond to the slightest twist of the wrist.

The second aspect and one that generally comes with a slight compromise in performance is protection. Amazingly, that is not the case with Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE as it promises excellent protection of the innards of your motorcycle’s engine. With its fully-synthetic technology and a wide variety of grades, it ensures that the engine remains protected even during the coldest of starts.

The third aspect is a smooth ride which goes hand in hand with the technology that the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE comes laden with and so does endurance. This engine oil ensures that your motorcycle retains the same amount of performance regardless of the distance or the duration of your ride. This is achieved by the accomplishment of the fifth aspect- cooling.

High-performance engines like the one on the Ninja H2 and the Rocket 3 R run hot. Supercharger without an intercooler and 2.5 litres of displacement do not come without residual heat. Despite the robust liquid cooling techniques employed on both the motorcycles, there are some parts of the engine that do not benefit from that and so, it is up to the engine oil to take away the excess of heat. This is another department where the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE excels.

All that said, we have always had a deep respect for the engineers, the mad scientists that make motorcycles like the Ninja H2 and Rocket 3 R happen. But with that, we would also like to give a little helmets-off to the people who ensure that these motorcycles remain the way they were made and retain what the manufacturers wanted the riders to feel with their motorcycles. So, helmets-off to Castrol for the POWER1 ULTIMATE which goes even farther in the direction of being rightly called… Liquid Engineering.

You can check out the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE range here:



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