#tRacingTheRoots : A 4000 kms ode to racing in India

#tRacingTheRoots : A 4000 kms ode to racing in India

Coming straight out of the gates, one cannot associate India with motorsport, especially motorcycle racing, like they would a country with a more developed racing culture. But fortunately, due to consistent efforts from people and manufacturers, things have been looking up. And just like it always is, in cases with anything even remotely close to motorcycling, xBhp is and has been doing its part as well. From getting India ready for the WSBK championship which unfortunately never happened, to the formation of our own racing team Team #xBhpRacing for the JK Tyre Championship. And now, with #tRacingTheRoots, we want to familiarise the motorcyclists of India with the history and the current state of motorsport in India by the means of our magazine and online presence. And hopefully get more youngsters to take it to the race track rather than racing.
We are going to go around India visiting the 4 racing tracks in India. MMRT, BIC and Kari, the 4th one, Sholavaram, which was the centre of India’s motorsporting action before MMRT took over. We are taking 2 TVS Apache RR 310s with us for this trip because what better motorcycle than the best, from the manufacturer who has a racing experience of more than 35 years! TVS Racing has been the flagbearer of motorsport in India, which has not only kept the enthusiasts happy, but also has meant consistent trickle down of technology to the production machines be it the TVS Apache GP165R inspired Apache RTR 160 4V or the culmination of so many years of work in the form of Apache RR 310. And TVS does not plan to let up, as in addition to One make championships, they also run the TVS Apache RR Cup which further proves the racing pedigree and prowess of the TVS Apache RR 310.
With the engines of our motorcycles powered by New Castrol POWER1 CRUISE & New Castrol POWER1 RACING, we plan to familiarise youngsters with these tracks and urge them to bring their racing to the tracks. This hereby, will serve the dual-purpose of educating the riders about racing on tracks and not on roads in addition to promoting this sport in India.
We are thankful to Castrol POWER1 for coming forward to take care of our motorcycles’ engines on this trip with their fantastic CRUISE and RACING engine oil. We would also like to thank Apollo Tyres for providing the shoes for our motorcycles on this trip and see us through all of the 4000 kms. We needed a set of tyres that can get the job done on the racetrack as well, in addition to the road. And Apollo Alpha H1, India’s first steel radial tyre, seemed like just the right choice considering the multi-compound and the radial tech that goes into making this tyre. With technology at it’s heart, Apollo promotes the idea of #ThrillUpYourBeast and we are sure its going to take our riding experience to the next level as well.

TVS Apache RR 310 technical specifications

You can read our Apache RR 310 review here


Deepak Gupta: Photographer, traveller, YouTuber and above all, a die-hard biker. Deepak Gupta is a man of many talents. He is known now mostly for his YouTube channel that goes by the name of “xTreme Moto Adventure” and has been associated with xBhp for a very long time.

Sunil Gupta: Known among the xBhpians as ‘sunilg’, Sunil is an experienced campaigner in the core xBhp team and has been a part of almost all the major rides done by xBhp so far.

Chief Guests

Apart from the above two gentlemen who will be riding from Delhi to Chennai and also riding on BIC, Kari, and MMRT, we will have some members of the racing fraternity as special guests at these race tracks who will not only be riding on the track with us but will also share their invaluable experience. The confirmed guests so far are:

Buddh International Circuit: Gurvinder Singh Matharu
Kari Motor Speedway: Kalyani Potekar
Madras Motor Race Track : Aishwarya Pissay
Sholavaram : Mr. Subhash Chandra Bose (Bullet Bose)


The ride starts from the biggest hotstop of motorcycle racing in India – the Buddh International Circuit on April 22, 2019. From there, we will be riding south through Central India via Gwalior, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and then Coimbatore where we will have a racing date at the Kari Motor Speedway. From there, we will go to Chennai to ride on the Madras Motor Race Track and then finally end the ride at Sholavaram, which can be called the birth place of Indian motorsport.


The Race Tracks

Buddh International Circuit: Located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, this 5.14 Km track with 16 turns, runs in a clockwise direction and has been a host to the prestigious F1 Championship between 2011 and 2013.
Kari Motor Speedway situated in Coimbatore, is a 2.1 Km track which has 14 turns and races are run in a clockwise direction. It has been the venue for the first three rounds of the JK Tyre National Racing Championship among other events.
The Madras Motor Race Track, located in Chennai, is a 3.71 km long track with 12 turns on which races are run in a clockwise direction. It plays host all the rounds of the Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship, sans the final round.


Apart from the two member team of xBhp and also the special guests from the racing fraternity, we will have some more bikers joining us as we ride on these race tracks. Due to the paucity of time and other valuable resources, there will only be a certain number of slots available, so we will select these bikers who get to ride with us on the race track on the basis of an online contest. This online contest will run on xBhp social media pages, so do keep an eye there.

The contest is already live here


TVS Racing is a name that is always brought up whenever one discusses motorcycle racing in India. Their start comprised of insanely fast mopeds and today, in addition to their phenomenal race machines, performance oriented products like the Apache series of motorcycles, derived from the motorcycles they race, brings all their racing pedigree to the customers through their experience.
The world leaders in automotive lubrication technology, Castrol POWER1 have been there as the biggest pillar of support for xBhp in almost all our endeavors and this time couldn’t have been different. As mentioned earlier, we will have their CRUISE & RACING series of engine oils keeping our motorcycles cool as we go ride 4000 kms from Delhi to Chennai and also do some blazing laps on these racing tracks in this sweltering weather.
Apollo Tyres Ltd is an international tyre manufacturer and the leading tyre brand in India. Apollo announced its entry in the two-wheeler tyre market in 2016 and led it’s way up with the launch of Alpha series in 2018 built on ‘Zero degree’ steel belt Radial Technology. Designed with high silica reinforced compound, Apollo Alpha H1 becomes the best choice to shod our motorcycles for superior grip and cornering capabilities.

The ride begins

Here’s our first shot on the ride, just outside the Buddh International Circuit, fully loaded after doing some hot laps on the track.

Here we are with Gurvinder Singh Matharu, one of the fastest men on a motorcycle in India, after the the racing pedigree of the Apache RR 310 was put to good use around the Buddh International Circuit. 

We found this guy riding this huge motorcycle in Gwalior and asked if he wanted to ride with us till Chennai. But he didn’t bother to respond. Guess he was too deep rooted to ride with us.

As the sun rises on day 3 of #tRacingTheRoots , it brings us hope that one day the star of Indian motor sports will also will rise high in the sky one day and fill the country with warmth and energy.

A brief account of the history of motorcycle racing in the world.

So is this why they call Nagpur ‘City of Oranges’? Just before entering the city, we found this giant orange hanging in the sky and slowly going down!

Thanks everyone for attending this impromptu biker meet at such a short notice in Nagpur. It was great sharing the idea behind #tRacingTheRoots with you. This was our first time in your city and we can’t wait to visit here again. Thanks to all the clubs who participated in the ride & meet, including Orange City Ryderz, DON – Dukes Of Nagpur Riding Club, UNIDO, and Bajaj Avengers of Nagpur. 

We’ve been talking to a lot of racers, and they all have fascinating stories to tell. But one thing that is common among them all is the roadblocks and loss of direction they face at some stage of their career. It is like a jungle of complications where everything will try to kill you. And it makes us respect people and manufactures like TVS Motor Company even more because they are the ones who have been keeping the flame alive and providing It the fuel it needs.

A brief overview of the history of motorcycle racing in India.

Red is something that you would not want to see while racing, but here the red (and a lot of it) has made our lives even more colorful. This is a much welcome change than the boring and super hot highways that we were on in the last 4-5 days during #tRacingTheRoots.

Starting from the Buddh International Circuit, the best race track in India, via some never ending straight roads of central India, and now in to somewhat rain soaked ghat roads of Southern India with a sprinkle of off-roading, the Apollo AlphaH1 Tyres by Apollo on our TVS Apache RR310 have seen it all and taken us through everything with a big smile plastered on our face. We never found ourselves running out of grip no matter what the conditions were.

Ecstasy! This is how a rider would feel after winning a race and standing on the podium, we reckon!

But we are not racing, we are just happy reaching Valparai and standing in those lush green tea estates under that colorful sky after riding close to 3000 kms on our TVS Apache RR310. The bikes are happy too, thanks to Castrol Biking for keeping them cool even in this weather.

So the #tRacingTheRoots reached its second milestone today as we rode on the Kari Motor Speedway, which has the smallest (2.1 km) track available for public usage in India. Despite it’s smaller size, it has given birth to and nurtured many talented racers in India. It was a great learning experience riding here. Also we had Kalyani Potekar as the special guest for riding with us here and who also share some valuable riding tips.

A brief overview of the various disciplines in motorcycle racing. Here’s the first one, road racing.

An impromptu Meetup with bikers from Coimbatore last evening during #tRacingTheRoots. It was great to catch up with you guys.

#inConversationWith Emmanuel Jebaraj EJ59, the multiple times national racing champion, from MMRT. 

Final track day in #tRacingTheRoots at Madras motor race track.

Various disciplines of Motorcycle Racing: Off-road racing; Motocross



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