Turtle Wax comes to India so Rise and shine… your motorcycle!

Turtle Wax comes to India so Rise and shine… your motorcycle!

So, you’ve got your mitts on a shiny new motorcycle, ehh? Congratulations. 6 months pass. So, your shiny new motorcycle isn’t so shiny anymore, ehh? All of us can relate to that. We are all very excited to get a new motorcycle and motivated to take care of it like a baby. But after a while, it just gets cumbersome. Dust, rain, grease and birds with diarrhoea are just a few of the many reasons why those brand-new wheels of ours look like the aftermath of a war after a while. Regardless, we still want them to look new, so we need a remedy. Turtle Wax has that… in plural! 

Taking care of a motorcycle is not an easy task… not by a long shot. Be too harsh and you mess up the paint or the stickers. Go too easy and there’s always something left. So how does one go about it? Well, without the right tools, even the most talented of beings cannot achieve the desired results. With Turtle Wax, we have the right tools so all that is left now is what follows and with it, some patience. Let’s bring the glory back to that weathered and weary motorcycles, shall we? 

Now, the first thing to take care of is one of the most tedious tasks in this process. Bird-crap, gunk picked up from the road, grease, and dead bugs are tough to get rid of. You can rid your motorcycle of them if you keep going at it long enough with some soap water and a cloth but in all probability, it’ll leave that particular bit of your motorcycle scratched. So, we call upon our first saviour- Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover. 

It is an all-in-one solution for tough stains like the ones we mentioned and more. The best part about it is that you spray it on the spot like you do a usual liquid, but then it sticks to the surface like a gel and doesn’t drip. So precise application and dwelling are not an issue. You just rinse the surface with a little water to get rid of grit that may scratch the surface, spray the solution on the spot, leave it for a minute and wipe it off. Et voilà! It gets even better with Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover is safe for use on metal, paint, plastic and even glass. Sweet. 

So, you’ve got rid of the tough stains and now it is shower time for your beloved motorcycle. There are two drawbacks to the conventional soap water cleaning that we go for. First, it is not very thorough or efficient and second, it is not biodegradable. Turtle Wax Ice Snow Foam Wash is both. Clean motorcycle, clean environment, and mission accomplished.

Another issue with the conventional washing methods is that they can be harsh and may strip off the waxes or sealants that you may have used to protect the pain and therefore, in the long run, may harm the paint job too. Turtle Wax Ice Snow Foam Wash uses a pH-balanced formula that efficiently removes dirt without leaving the streaks and preserves the finish of the paint. 

All you have to do is to add around 30 ml of the solution to around 3 Litres of water and use a spray applicator to spray the solution on your motorcycle. Alternatively, you can pour the solution in a bucket with water and then fill the bucket with a strong stream of water to foam things up. After that, the solution, a soft cloth, and some elbow grease to clean your motorcycle from top to bottom. 

So, we’ve got our motorcycles cleaned down to the last bit. Our next concern is to preserve the shine and protect all the hard work that you put in. You see, every good job needs a finishing touch and so does the thorough cleaning of your motorcycle. That brings us to our next tool- Turtle Wax Ice SEAL N SHINE with a new and improved formula. It promises a brilliant shine, superior and long-lasting protection (up to 6 months or more) and a hydrophobic quality for that cool water-beading effect. 

How to use it? Well, after cleaning and washing, shake the container, spray the formula on the panel (not more than 2 sprays per panel), and use a microfiber cloth to spread it evenly on the panel. After that, all you have to do is to use another piece of microfiber cloth to wipe it off and it leaves your motorcycle with a superb glossy finish like the day it was delivered to you… maybe even better! 

So there it is, with just a small investment of your time and the right tools, your motorcycle now sports the shine that it deserves. But let us be realistic and understand that nothing lasts forever. The same goes for the exteriors of a motorcycle because one simply cannot win against nature. There is degradation and there is weathering. So after a while, there will be scratches and there will be rusting. While those are inevitable, they are not irreversible, again, with the right tools. 

First, let us deal with the scratches and try to achieve a nearly-new-like finish on your motorcycle. The tool at our disposal for this task is the Turtle Wax ICE Spray detailer with Smart Shield. It provides your motorcycle with a mirror-like shine and a slick surface fills in light swirl marks with ease. In addition to water beading capabilities, it also provides the exterior of your motorcycle with protection from UV rays and the damage to the paint that it entails. 

While that may be achievable (to some extent) with your conventional wax polish what sets Turtle Wax Spray Detailer apart is the convenience and ease of use. First, you do not need a lot of buffing. Second, you can apply multiple coats without worrying about buildup or streaking. And finally, it is devoid of harsh cleaners or abrasives that may damage the finish. 

About the process, after cleaning and drying off your motorcycle, you spray the formula on a panel. Then, spread and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Finally, use another clean cloth and buff it mildly for a high gloss shine. And there you have your shiny not-so-new-anymore-yet-looks-like-it motorcycle. 

Finally, we move on to perhaps the most important bit, metals. Metals are all rough and tough but they are also very susceptible to degradation due to the elements. Rusting and dullness are the most common issues and when it comes to chrome, well, it has to look like chrome. So let’s start with that. 

Turtle Wax Chrome Polish and Rust Remover is our tool of choice. The formula, being refined ever since the inception of the brand, safely removes rust and oxidation from chrome and plated metals. It not only leaves the surface with a brilliant shine but added corrosion inhibitors protect the surface from further damage caused by oxidation. Additionally, Turtle Wax Chrome Polish is also capable of taking care of minor scratches. 

The results will be there for everyone to see and the process itself won’t be very tedious. As always, you start with washing to remove excess dirt. After that, apply the formula on a clean and dry cloth and start rubbing it on the surface. Continue till the rust and oxidation is gone and then polish till you achieve a smooth and clean surface. After that, let it dry for a bit and remove the residue with a clean cloth and buff for the shine. It takes a bit of work but brings with it more than stellar results. 

Finally, we have the Turtle Wax All Metal Polish, a 3-in-1 active restoration product for all metal Surfaces. Meant for chrome, aluminium, and other soft metals, the formulation is designed to clean, protect, and shine smooth soft metal surfaces. Like the chrome polish, it removes micro-scratches, oxidation and rusting, and forms a protective coating to protect the surface from rusting for a long time. 

What differentiates Turtle Wax All Metal Polish is the presence of mild abrasive cleaners that are needed to remove the rust and carbon deposits. What really makes your life easier is the tightly controlled size of the particles so that the formula cleans the surface evenly and regardless of the pressure being applied while rubbing. This quality also makes the solution safe for use on clear-coated surfaces as well. 

The process starts with cleaning the surface to rid it of dust and dirt that may harm the surface while buffing. Then, the formula is applied on a soft cloth and then used to rub the area of the surface to be treated. After letting it dry, you can buff it lightly using a fresh cloth and that’s all you need for the finish you want to achieve for the surface in question. 

That is pretty much all folks and again, we emphasize on the fact that all you need is the willingness and the right products to make sure that your motorcycle stays in the condition that you, and everyone else, would like to see it in… squeaky clean and shiny new!

About Turtle Wax 

“That could look much better than it does…”, that’s perhaps what Benjamin Hirsch, the founder of Turtle Wax may have thought when he first saw a car with less-than-ideal appearance. People who love their cars and motorcycles are nearly obsessed with keeping their objects of desires in a flawless condition not only mechanically but visually too. It was that very pursuit that led Mr Hirsch to start Turtle Wax.

Their first product, bottled car wax, was launched in 1944 and today, after 75 years, Turtle Wax can be bought in more than 120 countries and is one of the biggest companies in the world that deals in automotive appearance upkeep products. Finally, they have made their way to India and into the xBhp garage where their products were put to good use to pamper our recent acquisitions- Ninja H2 and Rocket 3R.

Before getting clicked in their new gold black avatar, our #MindNinja and #SoulRocket were treated with Turtle Wax Ice Snow Foam Wash and Ice Seal and Shine. The results are in front of you as the motorcycles came out looking spick and span and looked ready for their first photo shoot. The Rocket 3 R also needed a little more pampering on its engine with the All Metal Polish and we are impressed.

With the whole suite of products that we now have the access to, we are sure that the latest entrants in the xBhp garage will be keeping their out-of-the-showroom appearance for a while. You can get Turtle Wax products for your motorcycles and cars from www.amazon.in/TurtleWax



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