Ultimate Superbike Engine Oil

Ultimate Superbike Engine Oil

Engine oil is an integral part of a motorcycle’s functioning. From having the engine run smoothly to keeping it protected, good engine oil can make a world of difference in the riding experience. It has been a while since Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE came out and simply blew us away. From the mighty Ninja H2 to the Rocket 3 R; all the motorcycles in the xBhp Garage run on Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE and we could not be happier in terms of the performance that we have been able to extract from our motorcycles because of it.

But it is the constant chase for betterment that drives us humans and pushes the world forward. To that end, Castrol POWER1 has added another feather to its cap. They have just launched the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil, which is compatible with most superbikes. The why of it is what we’ll explore in this piece.

The Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil builds on its peers with its 5in1 Full-Synthetic formula but takes matters further to make it better fit the extreme requirements of superbikes and even more so when they are faced with the Indian climate where temperature above 45-degrees Celsius is commonplace during summer. To explain how this engine oil is what you need for your superbike, we’ll need an engine to talk about.

The new Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS’ would serve us well in this regard. In order to understand how extreme things can get in an engine like that, we need to rattle some specs. The motorcycle features a 1,160cc three-cylinder engine. While the displacement and cylinder count is enough to picturise the stress the components are under all the time, there is another thing that adds ‘fuel to fire’, so to speak.

The Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS runs a compression ratio of 13.2:1 which is borderline extreme. It is important to do that so that the motorcycle can make 178 odd-horsepower it makes but it comes at a price. A higher compression ratio not only means more heat but also means that the innards of the engine are under immense stress. Knowing all that, let us see how Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil proves itself as a worthy contender to deal with all that and provide performance that surprises.

The very first thing to talk about is the 5-in-1 Full-Synthetic Formula. Mineral oils are okay for most commuter motorcycles but most performance-oriented motorcycles will simply prove to be too much for it. Fully-synthetic engine oils are manufactured specifically to deal with high-stress and high-output engines like the ones that propel superbikes. In the case of fully-synthetic engine oils, control over the composition ensures that the oil is tailored to meet the requirements and demands of modern-day motorcycle engines that focus primarily on performance.

Now, onwards to the more interesting aspect that separates Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil from its peers- the 5-in-1 Formula. It entails a special formulation that ensures improvement on 5 key fronts when a motorcycle engine is concerned. The first one, and perhaps the most exciting one too, is acceleration.

This superbike-special from Castrol POWER1 optimizes the friction between the various moving parts inside an engine efficiently. This ensures that the engine of your superbike is ready with power at a moment’s notice thereby offering the excellent acceleration that you deserve out of your superbike.

The second aspect is protection. By optimizing friction, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil also ensures excellent protection for your superbike’s engine. Its full-synthetic technology and optimum grade (for Indian conditions) ensure that the engine of your superbike remains protected at all times.

Due to the high heat output of superbike engines, engine oil can break down due to the heat and that is not what you want in an engine moving in excess of 10,000 rpm! Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil maintains its viscosity and keeps the engine protected, be it the cold start in the morning or a high-stress run at peak temperatures.

The third aspect is smoothness. A smooth running engine not only ensures longevity for the engine itself but also rideability. A harsh engine is more likely to tire the rider out over long distances. By staying in the optimum viscosity range and thereby reducing friction, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil ensures that the engine runs smoothly. It also facilitates a jerk-free ride by helping seamless transitions between the clutch being engaged or disengaged. This results in an overall smoother ride whether you are getting on the power of rolling off it. It is a boon in cities and traffic where regular clutch moderation is required.

The fourth aspect is the heat and as you all know, heat is the biggest enemy when it comes to vehicles. Even more so when it comes to superbikes that run high compression ratios and rev to the moon. That is why heat management is one of the key areas in motorcycle design which is not just for the comfort of the rider but also important for the longevity of the motorcycle itself. Now, cooling solutions in motorcycles generally take care of heat management but there are still a lot of parts that are devoid of active cooling.

Now, as the engine oil flows, it also drives away the heat from the components that are not being actively cooled. If that is not done efficiently, the residual heat can build up, causing thermal expansion and therefore, wear and tear. Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil efficiently takes drives away the heat thereby ensuring cooler operation for your superbike improving both the longevity and the performance.

Lastly, enduring performance is something that we all want from our superbikes be it on a single long ride or over a period of time. After all, do we all not want our motorcycles to feel the way they did on day 1? We sure do and this is another area where Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil works its magic. Due to all the factors mentioned above, it ensures that your motorcycle maintains its level of performance day in and day out.

Apart from the factors that we have discussed, we also need to talk about the choice of grade. Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil can work with most superbikes that recommend 10W40 but the reason for choosing the grade is the Indian climate. During summers in India, the maximum temperature easily crosses 40-degrees Celsius in a lot of places and even more in some. And that is why 10W50 can help in maintaining optimum viscosity even in high ambient temperatures.

With all that, we can easily say that Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil is a very capable engine oil for superbikes and has been tested extensively in Castrol’s UK labs. Castrol claims that this is their best-ever 4T oil and that’s something coming from a manufacturer that has used MotoGP, the highest level of motorcycle racing, as their proving ground. We are motorcycle enthusiasts and we love motorcycles and the people who make them. But then, we’d be remiss if we didn’t thank Castrol for making engine oils this good, that help us enjoy our motorcycles the way they are supposed to be.

The new Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike Oil comes in a new Rose-Gold packaging with a telltale superbike callout and is available at Amazon, Flipkart, and key Castrol Dealerships and Bike points around you for ₹1200 per liter.



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