Top 10 moments from xBhp’s journey through 2019!

Top 10 moments from xBhp’s journey through 2019!

2019 has been a stellar year for xBhp. The simple reason for that has been the bevvy of superbikes we have ridden, quite a few supercars that we have driven, the places we have been to, and some rather outrageous projects that we undertook. As we bid adieu to 2019 and step into 2020, here’s a look at some of xBhp’s milestone-moments in 2019!

#tRacingTheRoots: Another major project that xBhp undertook in 2019. With motorcycle racing slowly gaining prominence in India, we went 4,000 km around India tracing the roots of motorcycle racing in India… From the 3 functional tracks; Buddh International Circuit, Kari Motor Speedway, and Madras Motor Race Track, to where it all started… Sholavaram! Know more about this project here.

xBhp #PowerTour 2019: During this project, we rode 8 Superbikes and drove 14 supercars around 3 countries in the world! From the world’s quickest car, the Tesla Model S P100D to one of the most powerful naturally aspirated cars out there, the Ferrari 812 Superfast, it was indeed a trip which makes one realize that power can be intoxicating. Know all about the xBhp PowerTour 2019 in Oct-Nov 2019 issue of the xBhp Magazine. Get your copy here.

HotWheels-Hayabusa: While we have been trying to amalgamate 2 wheels and 4 via our Rider vs Driver series, this was a unique venture… to the same end! But this union was closer than ever as we stuck more than 1,300 HotWheels cars on the legendary Hayabusa creating something truly unique and appealing… a fact accentuated by the loud cheer from the crowd where it was unveiled! Know more about the 1300 Hot Wheels xBhp Hayabusa here.

#16YearsofxBhp: Another year flew by and we are still here. Starting from a single-page website to becoming the huge community that we are today… the journey surely was not an easy one. Yet, it was one that we wholeheartedly enjoyed and celebrated too. Interestingly, the 16th anniversary of xBhp was celebrated across 16 cities in India and you can read and see more of it here.

xBhp-Axor 16th Anniversary Special Edition Helmet: We unveiled quite a few things on our 16th Anniversary but the biggest unveiling, and the culmination of one of our most ambitious projects, was the #16YearsofxBhp Special Edition Helmet that we created with Axor. It is a fantastic feeling to come up with our own rendition of something that is paramount for a motorcyclist. You can know all about the helmet and the ideology behind it here.

#xBhpRR – Rap Replica: Another feather in the cap of xBhp and another first (arguably) delivered by xBhp… a rap song, complete with a music video, dedicated to motorcycles and motorcyclists. We had a gala time shooting the music video and even more fun at the launch event of the #xBhpRR: Rap Replica. To know all about the song and some behind the scene action go here.

9 years of xBhp Magazine: As the print media is being slowly pushed to the brink of oblivion, the xBhp Magazine, our proud possession, moves forward with its head held high. This year saw the 9th Anniversary Edition of the xBhp Magazine on stands and we can’t be prouder to be India’s no.1 only lifestyle motorcycling magazine. You can order the latest issue, or a previous one, of the xBhp Magazine here.

#xBhpDominarMotoSapien: xBhp has always believed in the seamless synchronization of man and machine or in our terms, motorcycle and the rider. Because of that particular emphasis, we conceptualized something that would serve as a prime example of man and machine in unison. Deepak Bansal aka ModelArtician gave shape to this concept and the result is… #xBhpDominarMotoSapien! Know more about it here.

#xBhpDominarGreatAsianOdyssey: Another thing that made this year special for us was the start of one of our biggest and most ambitious roadtrips ever… the #xBhpDominarGreatAsianOdyssey. 15,000 km… 11 countries… 90 days… 3 indigenous Bajaj Dominars… It seldom gets bigger than that. The ride is still on and you can keep yourself updated on the same here. 

Team #xBhpRacing: The icing on the cake on xBhp’s stellar 2019 was the second outing of Team #xBhpRacing at the #FestivalOfSpeed. Building on an impressive debut in 2018, Team #xBhpRacing won the 600cc championship and stood 3rd in the 1,000cc championship of the 2019 JK Tyre National Superbike Cup. If you want to know more about Team #xBhpRacing, go here.



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