xBhp’s ULTIMATE Roadtrips

xBhp’s ULTIMATE Roadtrips

At its core, xBhp is and has always been about motorcycles. But there haven’t been many that have evaded the enchantment we call travelling. Predictably, we did not either but we managed to merge the core of xBhp with it. The result of that is that ever since the inception of xBhp we have been at it- munching miles and exploring this world on two wheels.

Having been doing it for a while now, we have come to realize that things like that require a lot. In addition to the immense planning, it needs a lot of grit, a lot of support, and needless to say motorcycles. But motorcycles too, in order to be as enjoyable as they are in spirit, need something.

That something has never had us worried though. Because for that something, we have always had the support of Castrol POWER1. Ever since we started out this wonderful journey of ours, Castrol has been there and their support has been unwavering. From lending us a hand in all our pursuits to taking care of our precious machines, they have enabled us to go forth and take up new challenges, consistently upping the ante.

This issue marks the 11th anniversary of the xBhp Magazine that has encompassed the soul of some of our most ambitious roadtrips. And so, with this issue, we’d not only want to revisit those memories but also, say thanks to one of our most staunch supporters- Castrol POWER1.

Great Indian Roadtrip (2006)

Our very first pan-India roadtrip that too with a full-fledged superbike, Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade, flanked by a Kinetic Italjet Jupiter maxi-scooter, a Hyosung Comet 250, a Hero Honda Karizma, and two Kinetic Blaze Scooters. Because of such an illustrious ensemble of two-wheelers in 2006, this roadtrip was also one of its kind and set the stage for all our future roadtrips along with letting us know that we could always bank on Castrol POWER1 to power us and our motorcycles! All our vehicles saw the trip through thanks to Castrol’s liquid engineering.

Passion Hunt (2009)

Motorcycling was gaining traction in India and more and more people were taking up motorcycling as more than just commute. It was this passion of Indian motorcyclists that saw us team up with Castrol POWER1 again to find the ‘The Most Passionate Biker of India’. We traversed the length and breadth of the country in this pursuit of ours with our steeds being two Yamaha R1s and one Yamaha R15- all three being taken care of by the splendid range of engine oils by Castrol POWER1. Want to know about what the winner walked away with? A Yamaha R1!

Grand Indian Roadtrip (2012)

As the motorcycling community of India grew, so did the market with new segments being opened up and new motorcycles making their way to the Indian shores. With this particular roadtrip, our motto was to promote camaraderie between motorcyclists- something that xBhp believes in. And it is a belief shared by Castrol POWER1 as well as it powered our Yamaha FZ1, Suzuki Bandit 1250, Kawasaki Ninja 250, Honda CBR 250R, and KTM 200 Duke. This diverse set of motorcycles going around India together was the best way to symbolize the brotherhood we referred to.

#thankYouRide (2015)

xBhp was bigger than ever and it was because of the motorcycling community of India. The love for motorcycling that the riders of our nation possessed was what defined xBhp. Through the thick and thin, they stuck with us and so, they deserved our thanks. We only knew one way of doing it so we saddled up on our Benelli TNT 899, TNT 600i, TNT 600 GT, and TNT 300. Castrol POWER1 lent a hand to enable us to carry out this task and for that and whatever they had done for us before, they deserved our thanks as well.

PowerTrip360 (2017)

One of our most extreme and most ambitious roadtrips to date- PowerTrip360. Two extreme motorcycles- Kawasaki Ninja H2 and Ducati Panigale 1299, two veteran riders, and one diverse country- Australia. With nothing other than themselves and Castrol POWER1 to rely on for 20,000 km, seeing this trip through was one of the most fulfilling experiences ever. This roadtrip served as a reminder to us that with sheer determination, anything can be achieved and that with the precise science that allows the manufacture of premium engine oils like Castrol POWER1, any machine can deal with all kinds of extremes.

#roadTripUnited (2017)

The country was brimming with passionate young riders but that also led to the formation of different riding clubs and groups based on different variables. At xBhp, we have always believed that in motorcycling one must never discriminate based on the size or the kind of motorcycle one rides. The motive of #roadTripUnited 2017, a 10,000 km+ ride around India, was simply to unite all the riders, clubs, and groups under one umbrella- motorcycling. On this trip, we took two Suzuki Hayabusa, an Indian Chief Vintage, and an Indian Scout. And like all our major roadtrips, this one too was powered by Castrol POWER1.

#xBhpDominarGreatAsianOdyssey (2019)

Three Bajaj Dominar 400 motorcycles, 15,000 km, 11 countries, 11 riders, and 90 days, spent tracing Southeast Asia- that about sums up the xBhpDominarGreatAsianOdyssey. It was no mean feat for us but more so, it was an astounding achievement for the Dominar and Castrol POWER1. Being able to deal with the terrain and climate that diverse and along with the 11 different riding styles of 11 different riders- the successful conclusion of this roadtrip was an ode to the full-synthetic engine oil range from Castrol POWER1 that had one purpose and one purpose alone- Ultimate performance!


2021 came in succeeding the horrors of 2020. The pandemic still loomed around but the wave had receded. Motorcyclists were in a tizzy after being locked in their homes for so long. Now that things were starting to look up, we decided it was time to unite again.
#roadTripUnited2021 was aimed at uniting not only all kinds of motorcyclists but machines as well, that travelled united for 10,000 kms around India from Feb 27th 2021 to April 11th 2021. The different machines that we mentioned included a Kawasaki Ninja H2, a Triumph Rocket 3 R, a TVS Apache RR 310, and a TVS NTORQ 125. From 9-odd horses to 230 and from 10 Newton-metres to 221- our cavalcade was the personification of diversity.



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