#xTraShoppingHorsePower – Bikers’ shopping therapy at DLF Promenade

#xTraShoppingHorsePower – Bikers’ shopping therapy at DLF Promenade

If there are a few things that are universally accepted to bring happiness to a majority of people, we believe shopping would be one of them. We motorcyclists, though different from a lot of people in a lot many ways, can also agree to the validity of the claim that shopping can be an experience that induces happiness especially when we are shopping for motorcycle parts. So, we took out our two-wheeled shopping carts for some shopping. DLF Promenade, the best shopping mall in South Delhi, completed its 10 years and they were celebrating #promenadeturns10 and what better place to take our ‘little carts’ to a shopping mall as big as a small village! Lo and behold the photos and believe us when we say that the experience on a scale of 1-10 was #perfect10. 

And to celebrate the occassion, there are some amazing discounts and deals going on right now, the most prominent of them being this offer where you shop for INR 20,000 or more and stand a chance to win assured gifts every week and also stand a chance to participate in a mega draw. Here’s the picture of one lucky customer of DLF Promenade who won a Harley Davidson Street 750 in this offer. 

And here’s some visuals from our shopping therapy session…

One of the  motorcycles that we rode into Promenade i the stately Indian motorcycle Chief Vinbtage. The Indian Motorcycle is an American brand and one of the world’s oldest, established in 1901.  

We bikers can never give our prized steeds in anyone else’s hands, can we? 

Nevertheless it is always good to have a world calss valet at hand!

Clearly, we were looking akin to aliens adorning our racing suits. Taking a full blown racing motorcycle inside the Promenade instead of being on foot was an amazing experience. 

We are smitten with the decor, and clearly they are super proud of competing 10 years! 

We are confused with so many brands in one place.  

The first stop for us was Steve Madden. Needles to say that we were overwhelmed with the choices on offer! 

Nothing like having coffee with your steeeds in sighting distance. A welcome break as we traverse the mall. 

Motorcycling is about memories and numbers. How many horsepower, cubic capacity, how fast, how much distance and so on. How cold we then leave out the supreme governor of our lives then, the chronograph! A visit to Kapoor Watch Company’s outlet made our Indian Motorcycle meet it’s match from the world of watches, a stupendous Breitling, costing only 8 lacs. 

Ask any biker and they will tell you that motorcycling often teleports them to a dream world. Superbikes make us feel like movie stars, larger than life. It was but natural that we decided to book a movie as well! Malls and movies are a timeless combination indeed! 

We stop by at Simon & Carter nad flip over to being a gentleman, something which we motorcyclists really are not known for! 

The end resut! 



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