Taming the turns of Kanjipani Ghats with #SmartTyres from JK Tyre

Taming the turns of Kanjipani Ghats with #SmartTyres from JK Tyre

As a young businessman and entrepreneur, a lot of my time is spent working. That does not mean I do not have hobbies. I have a fair few of them but nothing gives me as much joy as riding. To that end, I am the founder and admin of a riding club called Kendrapara Bikers. I have been to 24 states of India so far, and I have ridden more than 20,000 km in all kinds of terrains. I like exploring unexplored places and doing that on a motorcycle gives me joy.

Once more, something deep within me called out to me. Some tiny bit of my spirit was wandering through lush forests, going up and down winding roads, and enjoying the hills. It was calling out to me for the next thrill of my life. I needed a break as well. My definition of a break is to find new people, food, culture, and traditions. It wakes up the real me from its slumber. And so, it was all set. I was going for a ride.

My Yamaha R15 V3’s eyes lit up as well. I chose to ride to Keonjhar and its neighbouring areas. I was in touch with xBhp with this plan for their #xBhpJKSmartRides Project. Fortunately, I got selected and got a chance to not only ride but review the Smart Tyres from JK Tyre. “The Kanjipani Ghat section was going to be a great test for these tyres”, I thought to myself. Once I got the go-ahead, I went to the nearest JK Tyre Steel Wheels outlet to get the Smart Tyres installed.

If you are a passionate long-distance two-wheeler rider who loves to take pictures and videos, then we have created this platform called #xBhpJKSmartRides in association with JK Tyre just for you where we will provide you with the necessary support, including cash sponsorship and a set of #SmartTyres from JK Tyre, to enable you to go on your dream ride, while also testing and reviewing the new set of tyres and creating engaging motorcycling content to showcase it to the world. Know more about how you can be a #xBhpJKSmartRider by clicking here.

The actual tyres that I put on my motorcycle were JK Tyre Blaze BF32 100/80-17 and JK Tyre Blaze RYDR BR41 140/70-117. What turns them into Smart Tyres is the sensor wrapped around the wheel. By downloading the Treelcare App, you can scan the QR Code on the box in which the sensor came in and you’re all set. The app can now be used to monitor the vitals of your tyres such as pressure, temperature etc. Pretty handy, I’d say.

After this, I loaded up my luggage (3 pairs of clothes and my cameras) and I was ready to hit the road.

Day 1

I was ready by 7 in the morning. The excitement of starting a new ride rarely lets you sleep and the same was the case here. Also, it was the onset of summer so I did not want to be late and let the day get hotter. I started from my hometown, Kendrapara towards Ghatagaon. My hometown is around 90 km from the state capital, Bhubaneswar. The ride to Ghatagaon was quite amazing and the best bit was the stop I decided to take.

On the way to Ghatagaon from my hometown, there happens to be a very famous pilgrimage centre of Odisha- the temple of Maa Tarini. In addition to the story of Maa Tarini and her pristine origin, the surroundings of the temple make it even more beautiful. Maa Tarini Pitha, as the temple is called, is nestled in a lush forest. Surrounded by wildlife and accentuated by the stories, Maa Tarini Temple is a must-visit if you are in the area.

From there on, it was time for me to head towards the Kanjipani Ghat, a picturesque natural panoramic spot with a magnificent view of tarmac coiling around mountain ranges. Then there is a trail, spread over 20 km along NH-49. It offers a unique experience to nature lovers. The place is the treasure trove of rich flora & fauna while the clouds descending upon the valley add to the delight of passers-by.

Front: JK Tyre Blaze BF32 100/80-17 | Rear: JK Tyre Blaze RYDR BR41 140/70-117

By the time I reached and spent a considerable amount of time enjoying the natural beauty of the place, it was dusk already. With the sun down, I decided to not ride any further on this day and stay in Keonjhar town. So, I ended the day with around 220 km on the odo and a thoroughly fed soul with the vistas I got to witness.

Day 2

I woke up early again, because I was excited about the ride and because I felt like I could not explore the Kanjipani enough on Day 1! So, I packed my bags and went a little deeper into the Kanjipani Ghats, followed by the forest area around. With the day just starting, I had a decent amount of time on hand. So, I explored Kanjipani and its surrounding areas till around 10 AM. After that, I decided to ride towards Joda and Barbil from Keonjhar. For a nature lover like me, it is a delightful journey. The roads are surrounded by mountains, hills, and lush greenery as far as the eyes can look. This is what I ride for!

But this stretch also decided to throw a bit of a curveball. Along with the fantastic tarmac, I also got some experience in off-roading because of some of the mining areas nearby. Other than that, the place is a bag full of nature’s goodness. Flora & fauna along with the smooth serpentine tarmac, riding rarely gets any better. The road also overlooked plateaus and tribal huts that I had never seen, adding to the uniqueness of the whole experience. I also tasted a tribal fruit that I had never tried before and it tasted very good.

The day came to an end in Lahunipara where I spent the night after riding for just over 300 km throughout the day.

Day 3

The destination for Day 3 was Talcher. I started early and, on my way, I also explored some unexplored villages such as Bonaigarh, Jhimripali, Deogarh, and Palahara. Lahunipara is surrounded by the river Brahmani along with Khandadhar Hills and Singardei Hills. The local people believe that the river and the hills are their lifelines and that they are paramount to their survival. They believe that nature, in the form of the river and the hills, provides for all their needs. Having been caught up in the technological bubble, we rarely realize how proficient nature is at fulfilling all our needs. Needs, not wants.

The ride to Talcher from Lahunipara was amazing too. The road was good in most places and the journey is made beautiful by the natural beauty that rides with you throughout the way. Your eyes are continuously busy trying to make the most of every sight. As a result, photography breaks aplenty but then, the camera may be able to recreate the image to some extent, but it can never tell you how mesmerizing the fragrance of nature is.

I ended this day at Talcher after riding for around 120 km and spending a great deal of time among tribal people.

Day 4

This was the last day of the ride since I had been riding continuously for a few days, I woke up at around 10 AM. I freshened up, had breakfast, and started the ride. The agenda for today was to visit the Talcher King’s Palace. Then via Dhenkanal, I was to head back home.

First, the beautiful Talcher King’s Palace. It is a lavish heritage property the roots of which date back to the 14th century. It is the official residence of Raja Rajendra Chandra Deb of Talcher. The beauty and the stories that this property possesses ensure that this is a popular tourist destination in this part of Odisha.

After exploring the palace, I was on my way to Dhenkanal and on the way, I saw the industrial bit of Odisha. A mining town essentially, Talcher is known as the City of Black Diamond and while it may seem too bustling for a getaway, its surroundings more than make up for it.

With that, it was time to head back home and stay en garde for the next opportunity to ride again, explore the unexplored again and meet some new people. Till then, ride safe everyone.

Tyre Review

While the ride was amazing, what made it even better were the tyres. I was already looking for a change of tyres for my R15 V3 and because of this review opportunity, I am quite sure that I am sticking with JK Tyre. Why? Here goes. The grip on these things is phenomenal! Be it the straights of the highways or the corners in the Ghat, the tyres performed excellently throughout. The level of grip and feedback was amazing and I could always tell where the tyres were and how much grip I still had in store. Despite my best attempts, I was not able to saturate the performance of these Blaze tyres in the corners. It always felt like they had a lot more left to offer and it was my level that fell short. These tyres also give you a great amount of confidence under braking. Then comes the tread design that does a great job of dealing with not-so-good roads and wet roads. And finally, the Smart Tyre tech, what an innovation it is. Being able to have the real-time vitals of your motorcycle’s tyres is something that you’ll appreciate only when you experience it. After the rough stretches, I could know if there was any damage by checking the real-time pressure. Before starting a spirited run, I could see if the tyres had enough temperature. And so much more.




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