Ultimate Track Tools

Ultimate Track Tools

Since the birth of xBhp, we have been fortunate enough to have had some stellar motorcycles as a part of the xBhp Garage. From some of the fastest starting with the Blackbird, the Hayabusa, and now Ninja H2, to some of the largest such as the Indian Chief Vintage and currently, the Triumph Rocket 3 R. But among all the motorcycles that have graced the xBhp Garage, there have been some machines that were very focussed in their approach.

Some motorcycles are meant for cruising all day, some are meant to slay the streets, some are meant to tame the wilderness and so on. But there are some machines that are meant for a singular purpose; to go as fast around a racetrack as possible. So here, we will talk about all such machines that have been a part of the xBhp Garage.

With that, we’d like to state that one thing has been a constant part of the xBhp Garage regardless of the machines. That vital part is Castrol POWER1. Invariably, our Ultimate track tools have also been powered by Castrol POWER1 on every occasion. From the very first litre-class track missile to our current track specialist, Castrol POWER1 has been a crucial part of this superfast journey.

As our machines evolved, so did the liquid engineering of Castrol that culminated with Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE that powers our current track steed along with all the other motorcycles in the xBhp Garage. Years of the evolution of motorcycles, motorcycling, and engineering prowess was distilled and poured into the 5-in-1 Full Synthetic Formula of Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE. So without further ado, let us get to it.

BMW S 1000 RR

In 2011, India was graced with its first world-class racetrack, the Buddh International Circuit. Located in Noida and a stone’s throw away from the home of xBhp, New Delhi, it meant that we finally had a place where we could unleash the true prowess of a racing machine. Soon after, we also had a superbike championship to look forward to in the form of the JK Tyre Superbike Championship.

We took part in it on a Benelli TNT 1199, not a racebike per see but no slouch either. Along with that, we had quite a few more excursions on different kinds of motorcycles but none truly meant for the express purpose of racing. But it was in 2018 that xBhp partnered up with Castrol POWER1 to form its own racing team. Team #xBhpRacing was formed and it happened with the introduction of xBhp’s next track special- the BMW S 1000 RR.

Since racing was the purpose this time around, we made sure that the crazy Bavarian had all it needed to be a thoroughbred racer. From a special race fairing to a slew of weight reduction; our S 1000 RR also got a shot in the arm with the full-system racing exhaust and some serious tuning as well. Well over 200 horses, serious weight reduction, and a series of laps around a world-class racetrack; we knew that the inline- 4 of our motorcycle was in for some serious workout. But facilitated with the liquid engineering of Castrol POWER1, it was all a breeze and despite the aftermarket performance enhancements, the engine not only felt bulletproof throughout all our track excursions, but we also had the performance that we needed to do justice to the capabilities of this very special machine.

Time for xBhp’s next track special and quite a quirky one at that.


While the KTM RCs were being hailed as thoroughbreds, a lot of people had forgotten about the motorcycle that started
it all for the Bavarian manufacturer- KTM RC8R. Being KTM though, it was no surprise that the RC8R was also a radical machine. A large capacity V-twin powering one of the most radical-looking motorcycles ever made, the RC8R was a KTM through and through.

While discontinued a fair while ago, we knew that the RC8R was one motorcycle that we had to get a taste of… and we did… in a spectacular fashion too! Right after inducting the menacing twin in the xBhp Garage, we took it to the Buddh International Circuit to put it through its paces. A motorcycle so different from all superbikes, a gruelling racetrack, and the searing heat of Indian summer made for one of our most challenging track days ever.

While the ambient temperature sat at over 40 degrees celsius, the track scorched at over 50 degrees! This meant that traction was hard to come by. Moreover, the 170- plus horses that the RC8R dished out were truly unhinged with the lack of any electronics whatsoever. While we gained confidence over every lap, the punishment that the engine endured would have been massive. But it passed this gruelling test with flying colours thanks to a special formulation of Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE.

After already exceeding all expectations with the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE and its 5-in-1 Full-Synthetic formula, Castrol upped the ante by introducing the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike oil. From keeping the temperature in check and mitigating all the thrashing we could dole out, the superbike special from Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE ensured Ultimate smoothness and Ultimate performance on a trying day at the track.

Finally, let us move on to our current track specialist residing in the xBhp Garage!

Kawasaki ZX-10R

While the RC8R was a true revelation on the racetrack, it also made it painfully evident that the world had moved on and quite a bit at that. It was also apparent that we needed something new, something more capable of taking charge of xBhp’s track outings. And we found the perfect match in the stable of Team Green. As such, the new Kawasaki ZX-10R graced the star-studded xBhp Garage.

Years of WSBK domination and years of evolution led to perhaps the most capable ZX-10R ever. In fact, Kawasaki was so confident in its abilities that it was graced with River Mark insignia, previously restricted just to the monstrous Ninja H2. Finely-tuned electronics paired with perhaps the smoothest inline-4 we have ever used, the ZX-10R proved to be worthy of all the praise that we could shower upon it right from our very first track day. It is one of the easiest motorcycles to push to the limit on a racetrack and with its slew of electronics and over 200 horses stock, it is surprising that it is one of the most affordable litre-class superbikes too.

We have taken it to the track a few times now and we are well aware that it will need a bit more work to unleash its true potential, we have already made the one key enhancement that makes sure that it is still a formidable machine around a racetrack. Like the RC8R before it, our Kawasaki ZX-10R runs on Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike oil that makes sure that the engine can endure all the thrashing while retaining the performance and smoothness that one expects out of a superbike… we cannot be more thankful of Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W50 Superbike oil every time the rev-counter flashes red and the scream of the inline-4 fills us with joy… and a bit of pride too!



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