Ultimate Sand | Ultimate Snow

Ultimate Sand | Ultimate Snow

AT xBhp, we have had the privilege of piloting some truly phenomenal machines over the years. Moreover, we have ridden quite a few in different places around the world. This has allowed us to test a variety of machines in varying climates and terrains. In all of those endeavours, the engine oil of choice for us has been Castrol POWER1. From small-capacity singles to large-capacity inline-4s and from biting cold to searing heat; we have put Castrol POWER1’s latest innovation, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE, to test in some of the most trying conditions imaginable. So let us take you through our ULTIMATE sand and ULTIMATE snow experience.

First off, sand. When Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE was announced, we were really excited to see what years of experience and research Castrol POWER1 possessed had yielded. Its 5-in-1 Full Synthetic Formula was touted to work on 5 key fronts to ensure that every time one takes their motorcycle out for a ride, it is an ULTIMATE experience. With all that, we wanted to push our machines and Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE to the limit with a test in the searing heat of the desert and that too when summer was at its peak.

Suzuki Hayabusa was the machine and Jaisalmer was the location. At the very beginning of the test, it was evident that this was going to be a gruelling test for man and machine both. With the temperature nearing 50 degrees celsius, the tarmac was just about ready to melt. The dry desert wind and the accompanying sand did not help matters either. In the middle of it, we had our 3rd-Gen Suzuki Hayabusa with its massive 1,340cc inline-4 engine revving away.

The Falcon is touted to have one of the best drag coefficients of any motorcycle in the market. While its aerodynamic prowess was on display and as we pushed it more, the massive engine was toiling hard as well. Predictably, the engine was producing massive amounts of heat and the ambient temperature pushed it right to the edge. And yet, we had zero problems whether it was the performance or the endurance. All of that is thanks to Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W40 that it had running in its veins.

With its 5-in-1 Full Synthetic Formula, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W40 ensured that the Falcon not only ran cooler but maintained its performance throughout the test. With the excess heat unable to wreak havoc on the engine, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W40 ensured both protection and performance, along with the endurance that we needed for this lengthy and gruelling test. As a result, our Suzuki Hayabusa provided the same thrilling acceleration after multiple runs that it had at the beginning of the test. Ultimately, it was the rider who needed a breather.

Now, let us flip the script here and switch things up from extreme hot to extreme cold; time for a battle with the snow! One can imagine that a country that has ice in its name, must live up to it one way or another. Recently, Iceland became the 64th country that xBhp has ridden in. Beautiful landscapes, lots of snow, and biting cold; the situation in Iceland was exactly the opposite of what we had in Jaisalmer. And yet, the challenges were similar: a punishing test for man and machine.

The machine this time around was a KTM 390 Duke. It is one of the most powerful small-capacity motorcycles out there. But regardless of the displacement, the challenges posed by such a climate and terrain are ever-present. On top of that, Iceland threw every curveball possible; from high-speed sections to constant first and second-gear stints on rough terrains. So we needed something special that would not only take care of our KTM 390 Duke’s engine but also make sure that it was in top shape for a decent pace whenever the roads would allow it.

Despite the negligence prevalent among riders in regards to the engine oil, it is one of the most important aspects of preparing your motorcycle for any kind of trip. After years of relying on Castrol POWER1, we knew that we needed to look no further than the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE and its Full-Synthetic 5-in-1 Formula. We needed to make sure that our KTM 390 Duke was ready for whatever Iceland could throw at us and so, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 15W50 was the way to go.

It was no surprise that our faith in Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE was rightly placed. Our KTM 390 Duke performed flawlessly throughout the roadtrip. Even when the temperature dropped to -5 degrees Celsius, our motorcycle remained steadfast and ready to obey every command of the right wrist, all thanks to Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 15W50 and its 5-in1 Full Synthetic Formula. It ensured that the engine remained protected not only when it ran but also during the dreaded cold starts. With its refined technology and the right viscosity, it ensured not only ULTIMATE protection but ULTIMATE performance as well so that the motorcycle saw the trip through without any hiccups.

Sandy gusts to shards of ice, a desert of sand to a desert of snow, and 1,340cc inline-4 to 373cc single; Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE withstood every extreme that we could throw at it and it goes on to prove how much our trusty engine oil brand has grown. From powering our Fireblade and R1s for a trip all around India to these extreme tests, we have come to rely on Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE for all our endeavours regardless of the locale or the motorcycle. And while the machines or locations might change, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE will remain a constant for us for a long time to come.



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