Wrong tools put to wrong jobs in the right way!

Wrong tools put to wrong jobs in the right way!

There is a very old saying about putting the ‘right tool to the right job in a right way’ and we very firmly believe in that, be it any tool or any job, especially the motorcycles.

If you are riding a motorcycle that is suited for your riding environment and conditions, it would make your riding more pleasurable; for example, riding a proper touring motorcycle for a cross-country run or using a street bike for your day to day city use.

We at xBhp, however, have often found ourselves in a position where we deployed our motorcycles for jobs they were not meant to do; using a 280 horsepower Ninja H2 as a tourer in Australia for 20,000 kms or racing on a naked streetfighter at BIC against the most powerful superbikes in India, for example.

Here’ few moments where we intentionally or unintentionally used the ‘wrong’ tool to do the right job in a right way.

Knee scrapping on a BMW R1200GS in Spain

Everyone goes touring on the BMW R1200GS, so did we. And then we also took it to one of the race tracks in Spain, and then we did a knee down on a fully-loaded R1200GS, just because we could do it.

Hayabusa as an art canvas

We once added about 1500 Hot Wheels cars to our section, and then being the bike crazy that we are, we ended up putting almost all of those cars on our Suzuki Hayabusa, making it perhaps the fastest art canvas in the world.

Benelli 600 GT as a motocross machine

The Benelli 600 GT is big, it is bulky, and it is not supposed to go airborne. But we did once… in Pune… unintentionally.

Suzuki Intruder as towing machine

Yes, we did tow a tractor with a Suzuki Intruder because we wanted to test how much torque does it produce. Here’s more on the Intruder!

The first litre-class bike to our knowledge to circumnavigate India

In 2006, we went around India on a 14,000 kms roadtrip on a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade accompanied by 2 Kinetic Blaze Scooters and a Hyosung Comet. And at that time, when most of the people hadn’t even heard the word superbike, we were the first ones to take it around the country. 

Ninja H2 as a cross-country tourer

When we were planning our third ride around Australia, we ended up picking one of the most powerful production motorcycles that we could get our hands on, Kawasaki Ninja H2, and then we also souped it up to 280 bhp. Because, why not?

Corner carving on the BMW K1600GT Exclusive Edition

We were riding to INTERMOT Köln from Munich on a BMW K1600GT Exclusive edition in 2014, and the no-speed-limit autobahns looked a little too boring, so we decided to do this instead.

Ducati Multistrada as a snowmobile

We were riding our Ducati Multistrada in Austria and there was so much snow on the road that almost exchanged it for a snowmobile.

Benelli TNT 1130 to racing

We once jumped straight into the JK Tyre Superbike Cup, which is a superbike battlefield, astride a streetfighter Benelli 1130.



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