xBhp 16th Anniversary Celebrations

xBhp 16th Anniversary Celebrations

Another year has passed by, or shall we say flown by because that would be more apt considering the insanely powerful vehicles we have ridden… or driven! It is still hard to fathom and we are not firm believers in fortune or destiny, but there must be something that makes things fall into place and create magic! What started from a single-page website has evolved into a community of riders all over the country and India’s leading lifestyle motorcycling magazine. Sixteen years is a long long time. The journey has not been easy. Circumstances, they come and go. People, they come and go. Even our beloved motorcycles… they come and go. But the reason why we are able to celebrate our 16th anniversary is that the one thing which led to the inception of xBhp has stayed. And that is motorcycling. So let us celebrate motorcycling… the 16th anniversary of motorcycling for us.

Here’s a list of cities that will be organizing #16YearsofxBhp celebratory meets/rides. Click on the city names to know more about the event in your city and to participate in it.

City Date
Delhi July 7, 2019
Raipur July 7, 2019
Trivandrum July 7, 2019
Mumbai-Pune June 30, 2019
Lucknow July 7, 2019
Asansol June 30, 2019
West Bengal Chapter July 7, 2019
Cochin July 7, 2019
Bhubaneswar July 7, 2019
Guwahati July 7, 2019
Jaipur July 7, 2019
Indore June 30, 2019
Chennai July 7, 2019
Hyderabad July 14, 2019
Bangalore July 14, 2019
Coimbatore July 14, 2019

Mumbai-Pune Meet

Here are some visuals from the #16yearsofxBhp meet in Mumbai-Pune that happened on June 30, 2019. The meet happened in Lonavala where the riding groups from Mumbai and Pune converged. The ride was attended by more than 175 bikers from Mumbai and Pune despite heavy rains. We are thankful to our lead riders Noor Patni from xBhp Mumbai Chapter, Urvashi Patole, The Bikerni India, Abhishek Mishra from xBhp Pune Chapter, and everyone else who were a part of this ride and helped us organize it. A detailed album will be coming soon. Photo Credits: Spark Photoclicks (Pavan Shinde)

Asansol Meet

Here are some initial visuals from Asansol meet. Riders from Asansol and nearby towns in West Bengal like Raniganj, etc., rode to nearby Maithon Dam to celebrate the brotherhood and #16YearsofxBhp. We are thankful to our lead riders  Bipin Singha, Shreeporno Sarkar, and everyone else who was a part of this ride and helped us organize it. 


Trivandrum Meet

Some visuals from xBhp’s 16th anniversary meet in the capital of God’s Own Country – Trivandrum. The boys had the meet at one of the picturesque beaches near the city and cut these 2 delicious-looking cakes! Please click here to view the full album! 


Indore Meet

Here are some visuals from Indore #16YearsofxBhp celebration meet from Indore. Thanks to everyone who made it to the ride despite heavy rains. A special thanks to the group of bikers who rode all the way from Bhopal to Indore to be a part of the ride. And last but not the least, thanks to our lead rider Kalyani Potekar for helping us organize the meet in her city! Please feel free to tag yourselves in the photos! Photo Credit: Kalyani Potekar, Gaurav Thakral, & @shuttersyncs

Please click here to view the full album. 



Chennai Meet

The xBhp clan in Chennai celebration xBhp’s 16th Anniversary this Sunday, July 7, 2019, with a short ride to Javadhu Hills and cake cutting there! Here’s some photos from the meet. All photos credit : Nijom Kumar Thanks Sriram Krishan and everyone else in Chennai for helping us organize this meet! Click here to view the full album

Guwahati-Shillong Meet

Memories from 16th anniversary celebrations from one of our most favorite parts of this country – the northeast – where x-men from Guwahati, Shillong, and other nearby places came together to celebrate 16 years of brotherhood. Thanks Neelam, Jdan, Conrad and all you wonderful people out there for helping us out in arranging this meet! We will see you very soon! Photos courtesy: Shubhasish Dey. Full album here


Cochin Meet

Another location in God’s own country where the #16YearsofxBhp meet/ride was organized by xBhp’s own people. Here’s some photos from Cochin celebrations! Thanks Swaroop for helping us organize this meet! Ride safe! Photos by Swaroop K, Praveen Gangadharan , & Samor K Joseph. Full album here

Some important events in xBhp’s 16-year old history2002: xBhp was born. The single-page website made in his spare time by its founder, Sundeep Gajjar aka motoGrapher as a dedication to his first motorcycle, the Bajaj Pulsar 180 was rechristened as xBhp which meant ‘x’ amount of Braking House Power, where ‘x’ is an algebraic variable.2003: 1000 online members registration: xBhp recorded the registration of its 1000th online member.

2005: 5000 online members registration: The numbers started adding up quickly and 2005 saw the registration of 500th online member on xBhp.2006: The Great Indian Roadtrip: A trendsetting 108 days, 18,000 kms pan-India roadtrip which was only bested by xBhp’s The Grand Indian Roadtrips six years later. This roadtrip also saw a superbike ride around India along with 5 other two wheelers including two Kinetic Italiano Blaze scooters.2007: The Great Australian Roadtrip: Determined to take Indian motorcycling to the next level, even beyond India, xBhp set out to do a roadtrip abroad. The chosen country was Australia, all of 22,000 kms on two sport bikes. It was first for any Indian motorcycling community to do such a roadtrip.

2008: The great xBhp server crash: In August 2008, the xBhp server crashed or was hacked, a fact that we still don’t know. All data was gone. The backups were corrupted. 7 years of activity wiped out.

2009: Passion Hunt: This roadtrip was done to select ‘ The Most Passionate Biker in India’ for Castrol POWER1 on two Yamaha R1’s and a Yamaha R15. It was an event executed with a pan India 13,000 kms roadtrip.The ultimate prize of the contest was a Yamaha R1 superbike worth 11 lakh, the costliest prize in the history of Indian motosport till that time!2010 : xBhp magazine is born: xBhp launches a print magazine which is every Indian motorcyclist can be proud of. Keeping the Biker Before the Bike were one of its aims, besides a focus on actual quality in house content, rather than relying on content syndication.2012: The Grand Indian Roadtrip: The Grand Indian Roadtrip saw 5 sportbikes and a Mercedes Sports car tour 13,000 kms around India connecting thousands of bikers and key motorcycling clubs. The roadtrip was a trendsetter and unlike anything India had seen before, since The Great Indian Roadtrip.2014: The Great Indian Collectors’ Ride: In association with OLX, we went around India looking for unique items to build the Freedom Motorcycle, an expression of the liberation the motorcycles provide to us.2015: #thankYouRide: We did a 9000 kms roadtrip around India on 4 Benelli motorcycles to say thanks to bikers and biking clubs for their contribution towards betterment of motorcycling in India.2016: #100Motorcycles: We embarked on an India roadtrip to identify and ride 100 unique motorcycles in India, which defined the face of motorcycling in the country.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wlHRzZt5KM2016: #theO2Ride: We again went around India, this time on a Suzuki Hayabusa and an Indian Chief Vintage and Indian Scout in search of some bikers who were musicians as well. We called this ride #theO2Ride or The Ocatve and Octanes Ride.2017: #powerTrip360: We rode two of the most powerful motorcycles in the world in the form of a supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2 and a Ducati Panigale in one of the most beautiful and challenging continents – Australia – and ended up clocking 20,000 kms on the odo.2017: #roadTripUnited: After bringing the motorcyclists together in a community, it was time to bring together the different riding clubs and groups of India which formed the basis of this 10,000 kms + ride around India.

As of now, we’ve covered more than 50 countries on some of the most exotic motorcycles. Please visit www.xbhp.com/roadtrips/ to know more about all the roadtrips that we’ve done so far.

Do watch this video from xBhp 15th anniversary celebrations last year around the country.https://www.facebook.com/xBhpMotorcycling/videos/1968367853175806/



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