All India #xBhpDominarMeets

All India #xBhpDominarMeets

The #xBhpDominarMeet is a series of meet and ride with the owners and riders of the Bajaj Dominar motorcycle. The main idea behind these rides is to meet the believers of the brand Dominar, which is one of the largest capacity indigenous motorcycles in India. These rides are also a precursor to one of the biggest rides that we at xBhp have done so far. Starting October 6, 2019, a 3-member team from xBhp will be starting out on a 15,000 kms, 3-month long ride to South-East Asia on 3 Bajaj Dominars. Starting from Delhi, we will be visiting Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore. And after that we will be visiting Sri Lanka before coming home.

The xBhp Dominar meets are planned to be held in 6 cities namely Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Cochin, and a combined meet of Mumbai-Pune riders that will be held in Pune. As of now, the Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bengaluru rides are already over and we are looking at conducting the rides in Kochi and Mumbai-Pune combined. The Kochi meet is scheduled for September 1, 2019, Sunday, and the Mumbai-Pune meet would be September 8, 2019.

If you are a Bajaj Dominar rider yourself and want to participate in the upcoming xBhp Dominar Meet in your city, please register yourself at and we will love to ride with you on a Dominar.

  1. Kochi  : September 1, 2019
  2. Lonavala (Mumbai-Pune): September 8, 2019

You can read the xBhp’s review of the 2019 Bajaj Dominar here

The meets so far:
Chennai: Here are some pictures from the meet of the #BajajDominar owners on August 11, 2019, in Chennai. This was the first meet in the 6-city #xBhpDominarMeet series and the initial gathering point for this meet was Jai Bajaj showroom in Adyar, Chennai and the destination was Hotel Mamalla near Mahabalipuram. There were approximately 60 Dominar riders who participated in the meet and we had great fun playing hosts to this ride for the Bajaj Dominar Owners. It was a great experience interacting with the riders and feeling the palpable love for motorcycling… and for this lovely motorcycle and the home-grown brand, Dominar! A big note of thanks to everyone who attended this ride and also to Jai Bajaj for helping us host this meet! You can find the full album from the ride, here :

Also, here‘s a small video from the Chennai meet

Read Bajaj Dominar 400 Ownership experiences on xBhp forum, here

Delhi: On Sunday, August 18, 2019, we had a chance to meet the owners of the #BajajDominar from Delhi/NCR. After Chennai, this was the second meet in this #xBhpDominarMeet series. Despite heavy rains, about 60 Dominar riders joined us in this ride. The initial gathering point for the meet was Bagga Link in Karol Bagh and the destination was The Bikers Cafe, Gurgaon about 28 kms away. At Bikers Cafe, we had a short but lively interactive session with all the bikers and hearing their Dominar stories.

Kudos to all the riders who participated in the ride for maintaining the discipline despite the overall riding conditions. It was great knowing you and talking to you about your favorite motorcycle, Bajaj Dominar, and also the suggestions you had for Bajaj for improving the bike whenever it is updated next because no matter how good a product is, there is always a chance for improvement. Thanks everyone for joining us for this ride, we hope to ride with you again very soon! Also many thanks to Bagga Link Bajaj for providing us the gathering point, and last but not the least a big big thanks to The Bikers’ Cafe Gurgaon for hosting us. You can view the full album from the Delhi ride, here

Kolkata: The third #xBhpDominarMeet happened on August 25, 2019, in Kolkata and what a wonderful meet and ride it turned out to be. The lovely weather just made and the brilliant formation ride made it even more special. The ride started from Rolta Bajaj and culminated at Throttle Shrottle Cafe where we had a heart to heart interactive session with the #BajajDominar riders. Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the ride. Coming to Kolkata has always been special for us and this time it was no different. You can find the full photo album from this meet, here 



Bengaluru Meet:  The fourth #xBhpDominarMeet happened on August 25, 2019, Sunday, in Bengaluru, which also coincided with the meet in Kolkata. They call Bengaluru the biking capital of India and yesterday’s meet proved that they don’t call it that for nothing. There were over 100 #BajajDominar riders who joined us in this ride from Khivraj Bajaj to Bonfire Resort on the Kanakpura Road. And then it was a lively interactive session with the bikers once we reached the destination, as has always been the case when you talk about bikes with bikers from this city.

Thanks everyone for joining us in this wonderful ride. Please tag yourself if you were a part of this.

A special note of thanks to our guest rider Kalyani Potekar who had come all the way from Indore just for this ride. And also thank Mr. Dilip Krishna Bhat & Mr. Avinash P.S., who were a part of the Dominar Trans-Siberian Odyssey and Dominar Polar Odyssey respectively, for attending this meet and sharing their experiences with the fellow Dominar riders! Thanks to Dominar Riders Club Bangalore as well for joining us in this ride. And a huge thanks to Khivraj Bajaj as well for helping us out in organizing this ride. You can have a look at the full photo album here 

Kochi: The #xBhpDominarMeet in God’s Own Country took place on Sunday September 1, 2019, and there were 40+ #BajajDominar riders who participated in this ride.

The ride started from Popular Bajaj and the destination was #TonicoCafe. Riding in Kerala has always been a special experience for us and this time it was no different either. The monsoon season made it even better.

We are thankful to all the riders who participated in the ride, and we are also people who helped us organize it, including Popular Bajaj and xBhp Cochin represented by Swaroop K

Also a big note of thanks to SrimanKotaru for gracing the occasion with his presence. Here are some photos from the ride, you can visit here to view the full album

Hyderabad: The sixth and the last meet in the #xBhpDominarMeet series happened this past Sunday, September 15, 2019, in #Hyderabad.

Over 60 #BajajDominar riders participated in this ride and rode with great discipline from #AbhinandanBajaj showroom to the meet venue where we held an interactive session with the bikers.

As we mentioned, this was the last meet in this series after the unfortunate cancellation of the Mumbai-Pune meet due to unsafe weather conditions.

We are very thankful to all the #BajajDominar riders and riding clubs who participated in this ride and made it a success. A special thanks to Mr. @vikas.rachmalla for taking the time out for this ride and meeting with the fellow bikers in his hometown. A special note of thanks to Abhinandan Bajaj and Mr. Sreedhar Vykunta for helping us organize this meet. These meets have given us a lot of insights into the #BajajDominarFamily, which will definitely help us during our upcoming ride from Delhi to Singapore on 3 Bajaj Dominar motorcycles.

Here’s some visuals from the ride, the full album can be viewed here




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