#xBhpRR: Behind the scenes of India’s first motorcycle rap song!

#xBhpRR: Behind the scenes of India’s first motorcycle rap song!

Motorcycles and music, for the most part, go hand in hand. The reason is that they are both relatable to us in the sense that they liberate us. What lyrics and chords can do for someone when they put their headphones on, motorcycles can do just as much when you get your gear and saddle up. Imagine a hard day at work and imagine putting on your favourite track at the end of it. Now, imagine a hard week at work and imagine going for an early morning ride on a Sunday. We can bet that the effects are similar.

At xBhp, we are all about motorcycling and whenever the opportunity presented itself, we have associated ourselves with music. Be it the 02 ride which we referred to as Octaves and Octanes or our rides at the RMF (Riders Music Festival) events. On most of those occasions, we took care of the motorcycling part while our moto-musicians took care of business with guitars and drums. But as motorcycling got us closer to music and vice versa, our desire to mix em both gave birth to an idea. And we are about to bring to you is the end result of that idea. This time around, xBhp brings motorcycling and music together. Therefore, with great pride, we present to you xBhp’s own music video – The #xBhpRR: Rap Replica.

In the beginning, when the idea was coined, it seemed outrageous but that is the case with everything big and… out of the ordinary. After all, who knows, maybe we found the idea of a pan-India motorcyclist community outrageous or maybe having a Lifestyle Motorcycling magazine for that matter. But like we did both of the above, we decided to give it a go. Like every idea, this one gave us a lot of restless nights as we pondered over what the song was going to be about, the genre, the visuals, the treatment and whatnot. While motorcycling has largely been associated with Rock n Roll, we decided to tread a different path because that is more… fun. But what other genres can get a motorcyclist amped enough to just pick up their motorcycle and just ride away! Perhaps some… Rhythm and Poetry?


Behind the Scenes

Another reason for choosing rap was that there’s a lot of lyrics, which was a must to express our love for the plethora of motorcycles that we have ridden. But then, with a solution, came a problem too – penning the lyrics. Spewing names of motorcycles that express a certain emotion and then rhyming away with the innermost feelings and desires of a motorcyclist was the call of the day. We were in a real bind and while we were looking for an xBhpian who could take up this task, we got just the response we were looking and it went like this, “Bikes and rap? Piece’o’cake!” Two of our community members from the North-East took up this task for us and boy did they deliver! And it wasn’t just the lyrics either. Our boys spit ‘dem rhymes like it was nobody’s business and the feeling that we got while listening to the first cut of the song is something we find really hard to describe in words. We wanted this song to be about the machines we ride.

Now, after we got the lyrics and the song sorted, it was time to ponder over the video for it. With the song, the bar was set really high and in order to justice to the soul-stirring lyrics and vocals, the visuals had to be spectacular. Rap music has a certain tone attached to it which includes a lot of dancing and since this is xBhp’s music video… so we decided to have motorcycles dance alongside the riders! Motorcycles, B-Boying, hip hop, parkour, stunts, burnouts and most importantly, motorcyclists, it all had to be there. Basically, we had to take a day out of a motorcyclist’s life and turn it into a visual spectacle that’d touch hearts and souls. A tall task indeed.

So, with all the above in mind, we started working on the conceptualization. We take motorcycles as a part of our lives and not just as leisurely objects. For some, they are a way to run over the stress and monotony and for some solitary ones, they are the one thing that they can go to at the end of the day and be themselves. Amongst many things, for some lucky ones like us, they are a part of the profession or… the Tools of our Trade.

We’ll try to give a gist of the story that we wanted to convey; a motorcyclist working 9 to 5 for the daily bread and wine (pardon the rhyming because we are in a… phase). He gets frustrated with the work and the constant bashing so he does what a motorcyclist does. He picks up his gear and rides away on his Indian Chief Vintage. We would like to thank Big Boy Toyz for lending us their cool workspace to get this shot done.

The next part is where another motorcyclist is at a hotspot for biker’s doing her part in educating motorcyclists about the importance of engine oil and how the one she is using, from GS Caltex India, has helped her to extract the maximum out of her motorcycle and then heads out on her TVS Apache RTR 200 4V to meet her other biker buddies. Throttle Shrottle lent us the open expanse of their moto-café for this shot and we’d link to thank those cool peeps.

We would like to thank GS Caltex India for coming on board as the title partner for the #xBhpRR: Rap Replica. Their support made for smooth sailing in bringing India’s first motorcycle rap song, #xbhpRR. and their range of engine oils helped with the smooth operation of our TVS Apache RR 310 and Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition 2.0.

After that, the two of them headed to their meet-up point, which for bikers is a cool joint and like in a video game, a necessary checkpoint, yeah… This phase is going to last longer than we thought. Coming back to the story, the two bikers meet their third rider buddy at the Bikers Café, the folks of which we are really thankful for letting us shoot our video there.

We are also thankful to OSHEE for keeping the whole crew energized and refreshed during the grueling music video shoot of #xBhpRR. Their range of Vitamin drinks made sure that both the spirits and energy levels remained high during the video shoot.

As they meet, the motorcycle of our third rider, a TVS Apache RR 310, is getting prepped. For the shots of the preparation of the motorcycle, we’d like to thank Pro Carz for providing us with the space to shoot this sequence. Now, these bikers, engrossed in their conversation, notice something that piques their interest and this sequence leads to our grand finale.

Now, the finale of our video had to be grand and for that, we needed a place where we could undertake something like that. That is when a biker friend of ours, Mr Deepak Bansal, suggested that we use his under-construction warehouse on the outskirts of Faridabad. We were instantly convinced of the place for its rustic appeal and rural setting. This is the place where we shot the major part of our music video. Our parkour artists went bonkers, our b-boys and hip-hoppers tore the roof off of that place, our stunt-riders, aboard their TVS Apache RTR 200 4Vs were not on both the wheels for more than mere seconds and we… we looked, dumbstruck, at our dream taking shape and getting as much of it on the camera as we could. Burnouts, slides, jumps, wheelies, flips, and whatnot, mixed with the sounds of the BMW S1000RR roaring and the other ones screaming… it was a scene right out of the sweetest dreams of a motorcyclist.

We are thankful to TVS for providing us with the stunning Apache RR 310 and the versatile Apache RTR 200 4V race Edition 2.0 for the music video shoot of #xBhpRR.

CEAT came onboard as the tyre partner for #xBhpRR and their Zoom XL on our Apache 200 4V and Zoom Rad X1 on our Apache RR 310 made sure that we had superior grip regardless of the conditions during the music video shoot of the #xBhpRR.

The riding gear for all the riders involved in #xBhpRR: Rap Replica was provided by Zeus Motorcycle Gear. Stylish and safe is a combo that is hard to nail but not when it comes to Zeus.

A project of this magnitude is not easy to take up and we would like to thank GS Caltex India for coming on board to help us bring this idea of ours to fruition. We would also like to thank CEAT, OSHEE, Biker’s Café, Zeus, and TVS for supporting this dream of ours. And last but not the least, we’d like to thank the artists who featured in our video; our rappers, Mr Aiban Nangsan Lyngdoh and Mr Stephen L Darlong, our B-Boys, Ashif Khan and Deepankar, and last but not the least, our stunt riders, Tony and Bhawani from steelslincerz.

The launch of #xBhpRR: Rap Replica

After all the hard work that went into the making of #xBhpRR, it was time to unleash it upon the world. 22nd of September, Sunday, was chosen as the launch date for India’s first motorcycle rap song. Needless to say, we were all very excited about the launch.

Being motorcyclists we do not miss a chance to go out for a ride and even more so on a Sunday. So the music video launch of the #xBhpRR was also turned into a ride. Some 150 bikers gathered at the good’ol xBhp Dhaba and rode together from there to the venue. The venue was The Bikers Cafe, Gurgaon.

Upon reaching the venue, it was finally time. After a brief presentation regarding the song and music video, we called upon the stage our chief guest, Mr Pankaj Dubey, Country Head and MD, Polaris India to finally release the song.

As the song played and as all the motorcyclists in the cafe watched, we had a hard time keeping our nerves in check. But they calmed down once the song ended and the crowd responded with a loud ‘YES!!’ when we asked to play the song again. While we are not the ones to gloat but we believe that everyone will agree that it feels good when something that you put a lot of hard work in, is appreciated.

The song was followed up by a fun Q&A round regarding #xBhpRR with the audience. And then, we had a performance from Bunty and Co. lined up for all the riders who joined us for the launch. The GS Caltex India team was also present there and they joined in on the celebrations by offering discount coupons for their range of engine oils to the riders present there.

We are very thankful to GS Caltex India for coming on board as a title partner for this song and supporting this longstanding dream of ours. We are also thankful to our other partners; CEAT Tyres, OSHEE India, Zeus Motorcycle Gear, TVS Racing, for coming forward to support us in this endeavour. We would like to thank The Bikers Cafe as well for helping us with their fantastic space for both the video shoot and the launch.

We would also like to thank the riding groups who rode with us; G.O.D.S., Royal Mavericks, Super Stallions, Dominar Owners Club, RR 310 Owners Club, and United Spartan Bikers. But most importantly, we would like to thank the whole xBhp community around the world as they are the ones who made this possible. The #xBhpRR: Rap Replica has been a total community effort and we are glad to have one like this. So, here’s India’s first motorcycle rap song, #xBhpRR: Rap Replica, dedicated to every motorcyclist out there.


बात मुह देखी की कोई हम कभी कहते नहीं

जो सिफारिश का है खेमा उसमें हम रहते नहीं ।

जो उगा लेते हैं सूरज अपने ही दालान में

वो पराई चांदनी के आसरे रहते नहीं ।

फिर उतर जाएंगे चेहरे मौसमौं के देखना

जो जमे हैं अपनी जड़ पर पेड़ वो ढहते नहीं।

हौसले जिनके जवां हैं मंज़िलें उनको मिलीं

 रहनुमा पैदाइशी जो तन्हा वो रहते नहीं।

हौसलों की भीड़ लेकर साथ में चलते हैं हम

कोई रस्ता हो अकेले हम कभी रहते नहीं

मैं हूँ Apache

Verse 1

I’m a rider, a rider, a rider till the end
Honda CBZ or CBR we stunt em like a rockstar
Haters in the back ride a little bit faster
Speeding up the flow like I’m on a Hayabusa
Cutting these corners real swift like a Ninja
Ghost riders on the street
Burning rubber feel the heat
Like my buddy once told me
Ride it like you stole the beast
Smooth like a Ducati and cruise like a Fat Boy
Harleys on the track
That don’t mean that we bad boys
But we make big noise coz we big boys
We push with Passion to the tip of the grip
No turning back let it rip the grid
When we on a road trip, we make it look sick
On these Diavels and Monsters
We keeping it swift, through the gravel
A rebel on the travel with a bunch of daredevils
Take you up another level get with it
We bikers on Bullets


Just me and my baby
Taking over the city
Riding with my homies
Errbody gon crazy
When we burn out, Burn out
Errbody gon crazy
When we burn out, Burn out
Errbody gon crazy
Just me and my crew
Rolling on two
Stunt so hard,
Ain’t nobody else can do
How we roll out, roll out
Ain’t nobody else can do
How we roll out, roll out
Ain’t nobody else can do

Verse 2

Hatin’ on my ride cause they know
A two-wheeler can conquer the streets
I’m the monster of speed!
XBHP, undisputed as a league
Blood system of a biker
From my head to the feet
Ladies love the sound
of my Kawasaki, On my Ducati
I Matrix every car till you cannot copy
The Multistrada and The Scrambler
If you could handle these babies
Then you got a hell of Caliber
We Adreno, Freedom, Graptor and NV
Reppin’ from the LML family
Bunch of Hondas bendin’ over
‘ few twisties, Blackbird, Gold Wing CBR 250
The way I sprint on a Duke 200
130s on the highway… “Who does it?”
I got a pack of brothers, ready to progress
Feeling damn blessed that I’m part of the best.


Verse 3 (a)

I got the Victory Vision
A Street smart Eliminator
Take off like see you later
I’m a Comet. A Triumph Rocket
And when I rock it
I’m on it like I’m wanted
ruff riding with the illest
The sickest in the game
Like Hellcats in all black
We getting busy
On Nightrods and Street 750
Pulsar or Ducati Seven Forty Nine
We getting on the grind
No matter what the time
Safe riding, same time

Verse 3 (b)

You know how I flex
When I’m riding on a Ninja H2
Make way the beast coming through.
Daytona and Tiger, two Triumph bikers
Crashing through the party
with my Yamaha Enticer When I pull up
with a Benelli motorcycle
That will be the day you gonna take me
as a idol
Helmet for survival
Strapped soul survivor
Ambition of a rider
is the life I desire.


Oh. This is India in 0-100, in a sec,
I am feeling like Judge Dredd,
From a Splendor to Spyder,
We want to find ‘em all,
No sweat at all,
So follow xBhp,
And ride with Me.

HINDI LYRICS: Pt. Suresh Neerav
VOICE (HINDI): Dr. Manan Chaturvedi
SINGERS (ENGLISH): Stephen L Darlong & Aiban Nangsan Lyngdoh



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