Exploring the trails in and around Chikmagalur with Blaze ‘Smart Tyres’

Exploring the trails in and around Chikmagalur with Blaze ‘Smart Tyres’

It was almost mid-March, and summer was knocking on the door. Ideal weather for a much-needed quick-fix for the daily monotony of city life.

I didn’t have many leaves left, so the weekend was the best and the only option left. The plan was simple- ride towards the nearest jungle side and beat the heat riding under the shade of mother nature.

I was riding with one of my friends who hadn’t yet had the chance to go towards the Chikmagalur. It is quite a popular getaway choice but we wanted to ride and explore some of the ‘less-travelled’ trails in Chikmagalur.

Text & Photos: Suban Ahmad

Day 1

We had a good sleep and commenced the ride during the early hours of the morning, around 5:15 AM. Before starting the ride, I made sure to check my tyre pressure and temperature through TREELCARE app and just like that I had a clear picture of my tyres’ health.

We took the Bangalore – Mangalore highway and since we had the good fortune of catching the beautiful sunrise, we took an early break near the highway to capture some pictures of the bike against the golden backdrop. Soon enough, we were back on our bikes and headed towards Hassan.

Just before Hassan, we took a small, 3 km detour towards an open helipad. Here, we used my drone for some time, followed by a couple of bike shots and soon, we started for Belur. On the way, we halted for a quick bite and by then, we had covered most of the highway stretch on our route. The sun was rising and soon, the number of trees along the roads started increasing. The fresh smell of nature and the throttle in your hand- a pretty good way to spend the weekend.

In my TREELCARE app, I had mentioned my average speed to be 90 km/h and the app would send a notification if I went over it. Well, I got multiple notifications for over-speeding once I checked the app. I was able to ride easily, maintaining 70-80 km/h on my speedo and at times, even more.

The performance of the tyres was really up to the mark, which helped instil a certain confidence in me to ride with ease at higher speeds too. In terms of their grip, they exceeded my expectations.. and then some more.

We were about to reach Chikmagalur and made a last-minute reservation. The stay was located around 3-4 km into the jungle. Although we had a little goof-up with the directions and we were lost for a good 45 minutes, we didn’t mind too much because the smaller trails were much more fun to explore. Soon, we were on the right path and reached the place. Our total distance sat at around 340 kms comprising 60%-70% national/state highways and 30% countryside road and jungle trails.


Post lunch, we took a much-needed rest. Our plan was to ride to Bababudangiri in time for the sunset but not take the usual route, rather an inner jungle trail. Unfortunately, we didn’t get enough time with the setting sun as it got dark much too soon, but that didn’t detract from the overall fun factor of riding and exploration. After a small campfire, we decided to call it a day.

Day 2

The plan was simple. Leave a little late, explore some trails, and head back home safely. The owner of the place suggested a route which leads to Malandur. After chasing some early morning sunlight, we packed our bags and started for Malandur.

The trail was around 35 kms long leading towards an open view of Malandur. As compared to the previous one, Day 2 was comparatively less favourable when it came to the weather, with the sun shining in full glory.


After some photo sessions, we started our journey back. Just before starting the ride, I again checked my tyres’ health and now I also wanted to check how they would behave in the prevailing heat conditions. As soon as we hit the highway, we intentionally kicked up the speed to see how the tyres will react also to observe how the tyre temperature comes into play. I had set 32 psi for my rear tyre in the TREELCARE app which would alert me in case the tyre pressure dropped or increased beyond a limit of 5 psi.

After riding for a good 70-80 kms at an average speed of 105 km -110 km/hr on a sunny day, my tyres actually had an overinflation problem. The tyre pressure had hit 38psi due to the heat and I got a notification. Luckily, I was able to easily monitor and tackle the situation.

Kudos to JK Tyres Smart Tyres too, as they made it much easier to ride more responsibly. We also had a spectacular view of the sunset in the rearview mirror as we ended our ride, a visual reminder of all that we were leaving behind.

Big thanks to xBhp for giving me an opportunity to try my hand at this revolutionarily smart product and ride around with Jk Tyres Blaze Series. The asymmetrical tread really helps in traversing different terrains while maintaining a good overall grip. In case you are looking for pocket-friendly and awesome looking tyres with better grip and cornering ability, do not think twice and go for the Blaze Series by JK Tyres.

Route: Bangalore – Hassan – Belur – Nagenahalli – Malandur – Hassan – Bangalore

Total number of kms: 690kms

Know more about Blaze series from JK TYRE, here

Smart Tyre

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Some screenshots of the TREELCARE App






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