WATCH: All the episodes of #xBhpTalks sessions done… yet!

WATCH: All the episodes of #xBhpTalks sessions done… yet!

Shahnawaz Karim

G Subhash Chandra Bose

Mr Sujith Kumar

Mr Pradeep Reddy

In this session of #xBhpThinkTalks powered by Lenovo ThinkPadP1, we talk to Mr Pradeep Reddy, the Co-Founder of Carbonado Bags.

Mr Bipul Chandra

We talk to Mr Bipul Chandra, MD, Ducati India, in this episode of #xBhpThinkTalks powered by Lenovo ThinkPad P1.

Dr Sunny Bawa

Another episode of #xBhpThinkTalks powered by Lenovo ThinkPad P1 with our guest being Dr Sunny Bawa, a motorcyclist and a fitness enthusiast.

Mr Samrat B. Ghodke

#xBhpThinkTalks supported by Lenovo ThinkPadP1: Live with Samrat B Ghodke, CEO, 6KIOM (6000 Miles To Isle Of Man)

Mr Sundarajan Krishnan

#xBhpThinkTalks supported by Lenovo ThinkPadP1: Live with Sundarajan Krishnan, Founder and CEO of BluArmor Helmets

Mr Rohit Sharma

#xBhpTalks: Live with Mr Rohit Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer of Hero Lectro Cycles

Mr Meghashyam Dighole

#xBhpTalks: tete-a-tete with Mr Meghashyam Dighole, Head of Marketing, Premium Motorcycles, TVS Motor Company

Deepak Gupta

#xBhpPOWERTalks powered by Castrol POWER1: As we all are following ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ and not going out for those long rides these days, one thing that we can surely do is remember the joy of biking. And better still is to prepare for those much-awaited road trips once we return to biking. In the series #xBhpPOWERTalks, this time we will be having a tete-a-tete with Deepak Gupta to discuss his extreme Touring experiences to help you get ready to explore new destinations.

Harith Noah

Our conversation with Harith Noah, another Dakar participant from TVS Racing. The young man from Kerala, born in Germany, has conquered multiple national titles in motocross and supercross before shifting his focus to cross-country rallies for the last two years.

Vikas Jhabakh

Live with Vikas Jhabakh, Managing Director – Benelli India

Rannvijay Singha

Rannvijay Singha has been synonymous with the music, youth and motorcycling in India for a long time. We get up close and personal with Rannvijay as a motorcyclist!

Aishwarya Pissay

#xBhpThinkTalks Powered by Lenovo ThinkPadP1: We get a lot of queries from female bike enthusiasts on how to get into riding and even racing. We are here to answer those queries and what better way to do that than having the knowledge being imparted by an international female racer from TVS Racing. We talk to Aishwarya Pissay, who has participated in multiple international races and championships in addition to being a 6-time national champion in women’s category.

Aravind KP

#xBhpThinkTalks Powered by Lenovo ThinkPadP1: Deep down in the heart of every passionate biker, there is always a desire to be a racer. In this edition of #xBhpThinkTalks, we went live with the winner of 17 National Championships and the only Indian racer to finish the Dakar Rally in 2019, TVS Racing’s Aravind KP.

Dr Nandakumar Thogarapalli Munusamy

#xBhpThinkTalks Powered by Lenovo ThinkPadP1: It is extremely important for a motorcyclist to have a good health to ride for longer distances and for many years, and it is even more important to stay healthy during these times to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. In this iteration of #xBhpTalks, We talked to someone who is 82 and yet, an epitome of fitness. In addition to that, he is an avid motorcyclist and does Yoga like its no one’s business… Dr Nandakumar Thogarapalli Munusamy, someone who is perhaps the best example of the adage Bikers grow younger.

Mr Girdhari Chandak

#xBhpThinkTalks Powered by Lenovo ThinkPad P1: It is extremely important for a motorcyclist to have good head protection but in the times that we are witnessing today, it is important for everyone to keep themselves protected from the COVID-19 pandemic. Vega Helmets has taken up the noble cause of providing safety gear for healthcare professionals and other people who are on the frontlines in this war against Coronavirus. And so, we spoke to the MD of Vega helmets/Axor Helmets India, Mr Girdhari Chandak.

Rennie Scaysbrook

Winning any race is not a small task. No matter how big or small. But when you are talking about races at the highest level, pun intended in this case, then it makes it even more special. Most motorcyclists have heard of the Isle of Man TT and MotoGP, but only a few have heard about the Pikes Peak located in America. It was perhaps made most famous by Ducati who got out their Pikes Peak special edition Multistrada a couple odd years ago. And so, in this edition of #xBhpTalks, we have with the Rennie Scaysbrook, the first Australian to win one of the toughest and most dangerous road races in the world, one that took the life of the man who motivated Ducati to make the Pikes Peak special edition Multistrada in the first place. We also talked to Rennie just after his victory. You can read that conversation here.

Dr Arun Thareja

We are all staying at home, united in the fight against COVID-19. But even then, we at xBhp are trying to keep our spirits up and keeping up with most of the activities that we take up. One of them is #xBhpTalks. Usually, our guests for #xBhpTalks are invited to the #xBhpHQ, this time around we had to improvise to support the nationwide lockdown in place and still continue the activity. 

So here we present to you a different and very special edition of #xBhpTalks and our guest is none other than Dr Arun Thareja aka Dr Speed who is the founder of G.O.D.S (Group of Delhi Superbikers).



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