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The monsoons are special for many reasons. They infuse the land with water. Flora & fauna of all kinds flourish. But for us motorcyclists it is of utmost importance that our bikes are in top condition, especially the tyres. In this four-part series, we feature four passionate motorcyclists that don’t let the monsoons dampen their spirits. And for them, JK Tyre with the Smart Tyre technology that lets you monitor tyre pressure wirelessly via an app is yet another way to keep themselves safer.

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Episode 1

Featuring Deepak Bansal, who is also known as Model Artician

My name is Deepak Bansal and I am also known as the Model Artician. This name of mine is courtesy of my work and passion. I make models ranging from small to larger than life and I prefer to call them art pieces and so, I call myself an artist.

My work requires a lot of creativity and creativity needs an open sky to spread its wings and fly. Different people have different ways to clear their minds. Some do meditation, some do yoga, and some stick to music or something. In my case, I like to be out in the open. Being under the endless sky with my motorcycle serves the purpose of meditation for me.

While my work ensures a paucity of time in my daily schedule, I always try to take some time out for these rides… mostly, on Sundays. I believe that motorcycling comes with a lot of responsibility as you have you ensure your own safety and that of others’ too. Proper riding gears and a good quality helmet is a must.

Some of my Sunday rides were blessed with rain and that excites me even more. There aren’t a lot of things that can compare to being out in the rain on your motorcycle. But the importance of safety increases multifold when you are riding in the rain, especially on the tyre front. With the JK Tyre Smart Tyre that I placed my trust in, you know that you have total control.

When you have total control, it gives you that extra confidence and you enjoy your ride even more. Your fears and apprehensions of riding in the rain are alleviated and you almost wait for it to rain on a Sunday so that you can be out there enjoying it.

Rain on a Sunday, the music of raindrops falling on your motorcycle, the soothing ride, and the warm coffee that awaits you on your destination… what could be a better way than that to unwind your mind? I cannot think of any.

Episode 2

Featuring Tony from Steel Silencerz in Jaipur as he does his magic in monsoons

My name is Tony and I am one of the few stunt riders in India who are promoting stunt riding as a sport in India. Stunt riding means everything to me; it’s like breathing for me.

In 2010, I participated in a reality show where, in an accident, my skull got damaged and I went into a coma. I came out of the coma after three days and I came out even stronger.

Ups and downs are part of life and so is falling down and getting hurt in my sport but I never stopped. Just like we pray, the same way I practice every single day for my stunt riding and keep working towards getting better and moving forward as other athletes do.

Today, where I have reached is because of proper technique with the support and permission of local government authorities. Because of them, I have a private practice area from the last 15 years and I have practice motorcycles that I use only for stunt riding.

For stunt riding, the first and foremost important thing is the right set of tyres and tyre pressure. JK Tyres’ Smart Tyres allow me to check my tyre pressure on my phone itself.

And rains! What to say about it. Just like a peacock spreads its feathers and dances, I practice in rain for stunt riding. In the rain, the stunt rider gets a different level of balance so one should keep practising in the rain. To do stunt riding, you must have total control on your stunt bike and you get total control with dedication, practice, and sacrifice.

Episode 3

Featuring Raghav Kataria, a YouTuber and moto vlogger who believes in pursuing his passion without sacrificing his studies.

This is the story of Raghav who chose to pursue his passion as his profession.  Like most parents, his parents used to always ask him to focus more on studies and that vlogging can not be a career.

Raghav also believes the same that he will follow vlogging but not by sacrificing his studies. He started it as a hobby and now a lot of people know him. His fans are mostly young people and why not, after all, Raghav is also young!

Vlogging is all about creating content; sometimes you make it for your own pleasure and sometimes for the viewers. If you are a moto vlogger then you have to face the heat, rain and all other kinds of challenges.

In fact, rain can be a biker’s best friend but only if you have a well-maintained bike and the right set of tyres. The right set of tyres can give you total control and the right amount of air pressure can really add to your confidence. With JK Tyre’s Smart Tyres, you can check your tyres’ pressure on your phone itself.

Rain is a great time to ride but always remember: enjoy the rains but be careful-both with yourself and your bike. Because life is long, my friend so let’s ride long, ride safe, ride smart.

Episode 4

Featuring Deepak Gupta, a YouTuber and MotoVlogger also known as XTREME MOTO ADVENTURE or DGtheWanderer.



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