The Grand Indian Roadtrip – a pictorial summary!

This video is an pictorial summary of xBhp’s The Grand Indian Roadtrip, which was an expression of the passion and the spirit of brotherhood amongst bikers across this great Indian nation. It was an assertion of a collective message of motorcycling being a safe, educative, constructive, socially relevant and fun-filled activity across the barriers of age, gender, education and culture. The 6 rider team from xBhp circumnavigated the country astride 5 diverse high performance motorcycles running on Castrol Power1 oil and accompanied by a Mercedes Benz SLK 350 sports-car from 11th March to 25th April 2012 starting from Delhi. This ride was one of the biggest events in the history of Indian motorcycling as it connected not just individual bikers but also motorcycling clubs and groups with each other across the nation. The team had visited around 25 cities covering 13,000 kms in a time span of 52 days. Also more than 3.5 million bikers were touched online through digital and social media.

Please visit xBhp Presents The Grand Indian Roadtrip powered by Castrol Power1 for more details about the Grand Indian Roadtrip

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